Is there any Impact of Social Media over Ranking Factor?

Are there any special exchanges of social media on search engine rankings? The issue has become more confusing recently. The benefits and the effects of social media are widely misunderstood most of the time. In recent news the famous spokesperson, Matt Cutts has clearly stated that there is no impact of social media in Google’s ranking algorithm. He has also included that Google has already attempted to incorporate the social media factor, but due to the enormous quantity and responses, it has been omitted. It is very clear in 2015 that there will different be remarks of this question. But from Zebra Techies Solution, we can constitute the fact from our practical experience that there is a severe impact of social on search engine ranking factor. However, there are several contributions of the social and it can be discussed through the following steps:- 1. Social sharing is the margin of publicity : Suppose a brand’s video or image has been posted on a social networking site and it has been liked by many users. Whenever the post will be discovered by a reporter or blogger, the same may leave some respective remarks on the brand’s website. So, this link can only be made through the social sharing. In this way a social media can help increase the awareness of a brand or website having a bang on SEO. 2. User interaction signal : While searching using a phrase the users will get the preferred links. At first they enter one of the top ones. If they don’t get their desired help, they will omit and will press the back button. On the very next link if they get the help they will stay there. This will be experimented by the search engine and it will also effect on ranking algorithm. 3. Tracking the sharing and views : Google’s surveillance over the fan pages of social networking sites and Google+ has a strong impact over ranking algorithm. The most liked pages or topics related to any respective website or product is severely observed by Google. In case of Google+, this social site strongly carries the algorithm factor. On the same basis it can be stated that social media has a strong impact over SEO. 4. Social media searching: Social media searching is always an important factor of ranking algorithm. Through the wider space of your social networking you can publish a brand or product name more popularly. This will increase overall awareness of your brand resulting to more searches and sharing. When Google will inspect that the matter is searched by many people and is getting more popularity, it will award higher ranking. 5. Brand signal : A product or brand’s name on a social site along with the hyperlink to the respective website also hold importance as Google consider the same as brand signal. This process always depends upon social media’s ability to publish and share. 6. Authorship/Publisher Tag : According to the statement of Matt Cutts, Google is working hard to identify the author or blogger for more accuracy and quality of the products. So, it is very clear that social authorship may impact on ranking algorithm. 7. Profile ranking Profile ranking of a brand or website is highly depended upon social media. High profile ranking definitely emerge the SEO process and the same is more appreciated by Google and determine the branded coverage. However, SEO does not mean to be correlated with Google or in the field of ranking factor. There are other search engines and SEO also includes the other process concluding overall improvement of quality and presentation of a product or website. So SEO is not only for Google or for the search engines. Search engine optimization is getting more sophisticated and advanced day by day and the same is going on with the special observation and updates of social media. Social media and the sharing of public grievances may be the most important factor to produce more effective and relevant results by the search engines.

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