Is Web Design on The Verge of Death?

A chitchat is rounding all about regarding the future of web design. Many industry thinkers sounded an imminent climax of web design. That their forecast is not a sweeping generalization is sure to be understood from the given instances and logic of changes in the offing in the changing environment of device usages.

From desktop to laptop to tiny wearable, opportunity of putting design is going to be shrinking. Indication is writ large on the wall about the necessity of switching the way of designing and adapting with the changes coming up faster than thought. Now is required taking a broader approach and swimming with stream.

Designing for tablets, mobile screens, and more recently wearable devices like smartwatch has been evolutionary. The more adapts, the better. Since the start almost, web design has been the alpha and omega of the Internet world. Users’ experience depends much on the aestheticism, but it is going to be not prone to aestheticism, which means there would be little place for glossy design elements on most wearables. Focus is now on how users interact with the extra-small screens. You must have noticed interactions with these screens have several new methods such as gestures, voice control and facial expressions.

With this evolution going on brings changes in the hardware types as well as changes in the content types and distribution channels. Look around the landscapes of mobile and tablet apps, social media platforms, or the increasing number of small business sites moving to their Facebook pages.

So, does this evolution indicate death of web design at all? Many industry experts are in the opinion that this should not be seen in that light, because web design landscape is turning to be more complex from complex with this maturation or evolution (whichever you may prefer to say). Without denying, it can be said that website is now integral part of a company’s online strategy, not its sole representation like before.

Doubted that how long pre-developed templates would be in operational given these rapid changes! It is because most of the pre-developed templates have similar appearances while they do also meet many a requirements, but these business owners would require moving on to unique web design types.

That such a change would be coming in future was indicated by Steve Jobs when he said “That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Now, the key focus of a web design and development company has to be re-creating their online strategy with paying attention to the needs, goals, and cultural background of its own users and thereby putting efforts to rise above the average. Look at the Apple products, which attract people because they put focus on the needs of their users. So, it will stay as long as it pays attention to users’ needs and goals in particular.


By Professional qualification a Computer Engineer, By Profession an Online Marketing Strategist and Web Application Development Expert, By Industry position working as a CEO at Zebra Techies Solution!