The Keyword – The Brand New and Improved Official Blog of Google


Previously, Google’s official blog used to have nineteen separate company blogs, but now, all the nineteen separate blogs are combined into one official blog of Google, termed as “The Keyword”. It has been undoubtedly a very useful modification and this has facilitated people very much. The products and services of Google keep on changing and with the change of the products and services, the news and updates related to them are published on the blogs.

The Keyword

Now, it has become much easier to search for news and information on various topics on the Google blogs; you will find every piece of information in one place, The Keyword. You do not have to visit the Google Maps for Maps news, or Google Videos for watching videos, and so on. You will find everything in one place and this is indeed very advantageous.

If you want to view the full list of topics that the blog contains, you can go to the “Menu” and then to the “Topics”. If you are looking for any particular topic or product, then you can use the search bar to filter the results.

High quality, bigger, and better images, videos, and slideshows now adorn the new Google Blog and this new design is being appreciated and loved by all. If you want to check the latest tweets from Google, you can find a separate section for those on the homepage.

Google Keyword Blog

The Keyword is the newly designed central source for news and stories about Google. More than 12 years ago, the very first post on the Official Google Blog was written and since then, there have been numerous posts published on several blogs around many countries and in different languages. With the introduction of The Keyword, it has become easier for the people to keep themselves updated about the current news from Google. In The Keyword, big, as well as small news and updates find their place.

A story can be told in different ways, and that’s what The Keyword does. The latest news, updates, and stories from the worlds, both inside and outside Google, are compiled in The Keyword, helping people to stay updated about everything that Google has to offer.

This innovation in the Google platform is heartily welcomed by everyone as these useful features help the search engine optimizers to a great extent. The SEO consultants all over India are happy with this modification of the official blog of Google, and everyone is looking forward to the utmost utilization of the improved, user-friendly features that “The Keyword” offers.


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