Know about Click Through Rate (CTR)

  • What does it mean?
If you have a website, you are always trying to increase the visitors and clicks on your site. You may have launched several advertisement campaigns. CTR is the estimate of measuring the success of an online advertisement campaign. Either you have used Google ad words or other channel, it is far important for each and every website having ads programs. The logic is very simple. If you have high click through rates, you are getting better business from the ads launched. According to a stat a typical click through rate has been estimated as two or three per 1,000 users.

  • How Investopedia Defines Click Through Rate?
A high click through rate generally depicts that the respective ad is bringing a better business. But we cannot determine from the same what the actual revenue is. To analyze the same, you have to calculate the conversion rates and the percentage of the CTRs and that will bring the clear picture. Moreover, it may be considered a metric of online-ads campaign. This is a short note of CTR. I just want to know your responses regarding CTR. So, do not miss the chance to prove your presence. Just leave your comments.

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