Know About Website Analysis/SEO Tools

You must have operated a lot of practices to make your site more effective that should bring more business and exposure. But, how you will know the optimization work is properly working or not. Here is the need of website analysis or SEO tools that help you find the status of your site as well as the gaps to be overcome to gain more profit. These types of tools are available free on the internet. It is popularly known as website audit that is necessary to measure many things. Here, I have structured some of the major SEO tools that will help you understand about the website audit or analysis. Just have a look.
  • Google Analytics: - This is one of the most popular SEO tools available on the market. It is so much popular due to its user friendliness and diverse features. If you opt for a campaign with Google analytics, you will be delivered graphs and precise reports that will help you understand the optimization gaps of your site. So, if you do not want to lose your potential customers you must have a website audit or checklist with Google analytics.
  • Website Grader: - Another most popular form of website analytics. If you opt for this tool, you will get a detailed account of your site regarding different sections. The grade or report will help you realize where you have stood. You may acquire some basic suggestions from this SEO tool to recover the mishap and the same are quite important to improve your site.
  • DEEP LOG ANALYZER: - Deep log Analyzer is free web analytics tool varied with diverse feature to make you understand the disputes and optimization gaps of your site. You may use the paid and up graded version of the same where you can entertain some extra features of the software. In a paid version there is an opportunity of inspecting user’s interaction and navigation, clicks and many more. Moreover, the difference with Google analytics is that Log Analyzer is not complicated, but it is simple to operate.
  • Trifecta (SEO Moz):- This is the outcome of collaborative effort of SEO companies to find out the gaps and optimization needs of a site. This is the unique tool offered by SEO Moz. Trifecta generally operates multiple tasks like analyzing of a page, blog or a whole domain. That is the reason it is quite popular. Along with this evaluation of keywords and daily SEO operations, calculation of back links, user friendliness of the site, ranking, etc will be more fruitful and effective.
  • Web Page Analyzer: - Another one is Web page analyzer and it is specially used to determine a page or site loading speed. You can also check the number of objects and the extent to which you can up load more. The exciting feature of Web page analyzer is that you can vividly analyze the gaps and recommendations provided by web page analyzer. Moreover, this can be defined as a single point solution. Whenever you are going to make such audit you will be provided a grade and it will be mentioned with grade color like yellow, green or red. Here yellow is for cautious, red is for warnings and green is for good.
  • Real Tracker: - Real Tracker has the same features as Google Analytics has.  In this SEO tool some codes are used instead of grade. The most demanding feature is that this tool is quite easy to insert on the pages and quickly you can peruse the result. The result means what you have to do for the optimization process. Basically it is a free tool, but if you deserve to entertain more upgraded features you may choose the licensed version.
  • Aw Stats: - Another example of a free web analytics software. This tool generally works or uses VGI script or command line to determine the gaps and also the instructions to evaluate the necessary measures. The diverse features that you can check on your site are FTP, web log files, XML, PDF, 404 error reports, page view stats and quite more. The user friendliness has made the tool quite popular.
  • Full Page Text: - Full page text is generally used to find out the gaps regarding page objects, load time, RSS, CSS, objects and many more. Through this dynamic tool one can examine all contents of a web, grade and tips and other features. You can also check a detail performance history using this tool.
  • Similar Page Checker: - You know better that a duplicity issue will harm your web reputation at a glance. So, you must have to check duplicate pages of your site. Similar page checker is great tool to determine a duplicate page and help suggest fixing the same. Duplicity issues and penalty differs from search engine to search engine, but you have to find the resemblance. It is not good for a website’s health.
  • Visitors: - Using this tool you will be able to set up the real time transferring. It acts as a response of web server log file. The structure is quite different from the other SEO tools and it permits the visitors to switch the contents and look of the respective pages of site.
User can change the HTML coding and many more. Whenever they opt for a change, the same has been saved in the database. This tool allows some admin reforms like changing, editing or adding port lets and portal looks. Using this tool, Visitor users can gain access the portal desktop accordingly. So these are all about the popular SEO tools. You must make an audit and surveillance of your site to avoid threats and attract more visitors. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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