Know How to Make an Extraordinary “Contact Us’’ Page

A contact page is the beginning of a relationship and that is the reason that it should be framed in a better way. On most of the sites we can observe that this page has been viewed the most. The reason is the architectural design and placement. Still most of the web site owners are searching for some effective designs and strategies to make the “contact us” page more attractive. You have to think about the responsive design also as most of the people prefer to search on the smart phone or tablet. So, to achieve a better business one must have to think all the matters. For the same I have structured this article. You must have a look:- • Some Basic Practices for a Better “Contact Us” Page 1. Try to Make it Simple: - Do not confuse the visitors by putting many barriers on “contact us” page. Make it precise, simple and to the point. 2. Better Looks: - In most of the “contact us” pages “contact us” pages are broken or not properly sent. This is not the way. It is the reason of bad reputation of the respective sites followed by bad business. 3. Attention grabbing page: - As this page is the initial impression of your business and relationship, it must be seductive and better looking. 4. Reflect Your Personality: - The audiences, who are visiting your site, want to know more about you. This is the place to constitute your personality and brand image. Use different themes from serious or comic tone that should impress the visitors. 5. Better contacts form for future relation: - You must produce something that your audience likes. Put the contact form simple and not requiring many details of the user. There should be an assurance that you should check and give responses to such mails every day. The visitors will feel better for the quick interactions. • Some Best “Contact Us” Pages On The Internet 1. Alex Arts: - This is the example of proper presentation. If your target is to impress your tourist clients, make a heavenly snap of Ocean shore or nature. If you are trying to impress your shopping clients, you must have a design of some exciting new collection. Moreover you should represent something that should be appreciated by your client. 2. Bert Timmermans: - It is a compact copy of all basic information. It is too much simple but appreciable. Sometimes the usages or references of such social sites like Twitter or Facebook have a better impact on the visitors. You should include all the contact information including social media like this. 3. Music City: - If you are going to impress your clients who are engaged in listening of music, you must frame a better music or on stage program page for them. Most of the listeners prefer listening either soft or rock music. So, you better target your audience and launch a “contact us” page like this. 4. Chemistry Recruitment: - I have observed the most of the website owner forget to mention about their Skype contact. At present it has become the most popular communication channel. So, why are leaving that? This is the simpler way that people may contact you without spending a little penny. In the same manner the abroad people can contact you. 5. Digital Base: - This “contact us” page has been included here to explain how a reputed professional agency can target audience in a different way. You may use simple imagery or symbolism for your high paying clients. 6. Viper Chill: - Viper chill has a better and unique way to launch a “contact us” page using a Q and A style format, but Viper Chill has proved better efficiency to use the sidebar to attract more visitors as potential ones. 7. SEO Moz: - If there are instances of grate “contact us” pages, there must be SEO Moz. Rand Fiskin has a special attraction to Yellow color and he has made some innovative designs of the “contact us” page. It is all about the company at a glance. 8. Ted: - Ted has proved that a “contact us” page is not only about the information of a client, but you can fulfill the reason of your search and necessity. These types of contact pages truly help people to be got in touch with the website. • Some “Contact Us” Pages Those Need Optimization 1. Apple page: - This is the creator of i-Phone and carrying an aged design of “contact us” page. It is very clear that this “contact us” page of apple, a most renowned company, is plain and thin. They can upgrade it more for a better reputation.

2. Ticket Master: - Ticket Master has an odd and awful “contact us” page. They are bulk online traders and it is suspicious that they are maintaining such odd “contact us” page. 3. Princess Cruises: - It has also not an appreciable “contact us” page. It generally carries a wonky information hierarchy. At the top there must be placed the booking facilities online. I think most of the people have to call this company for making a reservation rather than online booking. An archive of instructions or brochure should have to be attached on the page. The audience may find all of this information and there is chance of omitting the site in an unsatisfactory manner. 4. Mashable: - Mashable’s “contact us” page is full of worthy information, but its heinous look has made it odd and which is not suitable for such a renowned company like Mashable. There is no sign of personality or style. There may be some reasons that Mashable is maintaining such ugly and odd “contact us” page. So these are all about the variations of a “contact us” page. You must have your own. Try to determine how much score your “contact us” page should get. I want to hear your comment regarding this so do not forget to leave your responses.

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