Leading E-commerce Platforms to Choose

If you are about to launch an e-commerce store you must be confused with the numerous e-commerce platforms. At present, it is very difficult to point out which platform will be the best to fulfill your needs. I have reviewed the leading e-commerce sites and have placed the discussion. It may throw some light on your decision. This is a comparison to each other. First, you must analyze my choices of leading e-commerce platforms:- i. Shopify ii. Volusion iii. Big commerce iv. Big cartel v. 3Dcart vi. Magento

  • User friendliness: - Each of the platforms may provide various features that should make the campaign easier. But if you are a beginner than it will be difficult for you to understand how to use utilize them.
If you are about to start, do not be worried. The dashboard of each platform will be enough to provide information for a better guide. You may go through the set up wizard. If you are not well versed in HTML or CSS it will be quite hard to operate an e-commerce platform like Volusion. Magento has an easy tutorial that will help the beginners to proceed in a better way. Magento has some bulk features which are specially designed to tackle the records of heavy ups and downs of the products.

In most of the platforms inventory screen is common. Below are some examples of inventory screen:-
  • Pricing: - For a merchant, pricing is a more important factor. So, whenever you are about to choose an e-commerce platform, you have to be aware of the pricing. You are going to spend a lot of efforts and time. So, each penny is valuable that it has to be saved.

According to the above table, Big cartel has offered the cheapest price among of all. In comparison to big cartel, the highest pricing of the others are like sky scrapping. So, choose the one as you wish to proceed. After Big cartel the cheapest one is Volusion and just after that it comes for 3D cart. Finally the left two are the highest paid e-commerce platform. Now you have to determine the prices along with features that make you comfortable to proceed. Its operating process is of high level and it can easily handle uncountable product detail. Its maintenance cost is quite high and also deserves expert developers.
  • Apps and add ones :- If you wish continuous support of apps and add ones you must choose Shopify or Big commerce as both have wide ranges of apps and add ones. Another option may be 3D cart. With such add ones and apps you may integrate many variations on the online store.

In thi9s concern I am recommending to avoid Volusion and Big cartel as both have least or almost nil add ones.
  • Templates: - In the world of web design is the vital issue to attract more customers. If you have not decorated your online store in a better or exceptional way there will be least customers. Here is the need of templates.
If you are searching for exceptional and commercial themes you must opt for Shopify. Moreover, there is no such platform enriched with better themes than Shopify. If I compare 3D cart or Big cartel with the theme enriched platforms like Shopify or Big commerce, there will be nothing to evaluate. Because all the themes in 3D cart are duplicate and the themes provided by Big cartel can be counted to six all over. Practically a theme does not matter to launch an exceptional store as if the theme matches with other fifty stores, what will be the difference? The important matter is originality.
  • Customer support: - If you are using a service of a company, you must deserve the support of the respective company. Each of the e-commerce sites has better customer support undoubtedly.
Big commerce provides 24X7 email and chat support with timely phone support. Shopify and 3d cart both provide 24X7 phones as well as e mail support. Here is the Big cartel that only provides E mail support. So, if you need constant support of an ecommerce company you must proceed with Shopify or 3D cart. But in case of user accounts Magneto has a better accessibility and functionality between the both. Woocommerce does not allow the users to submit product tags.

Conclusion: - Before choosing the platform you have to deeply analyze which platform will be suitable for you. In this concern a person who has used such can constitute the better reply. Moreover start your e store campaign and leave responses. All the best.

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