LinkedIn Matched Audiences - A Feature that Help Advertisers Reach their Target Audiences

LinkedIn Matched Audiences - A Feature that Help Advertisers Reach their Target Audiences

While operating on the digital platform, the advertisers always look for efficient ways to target and engage customers. For targeting and engaging online audiences, the advertisers use numerous methods. Out of many methods, targeting customers using the social media platforms is one of the common ways how advertisers target and engage online audiences in their ad. The popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are enabled with custom features to target specific group of online audiences for the advertisement. The top digital marketing companies in India and abroad rely on these social media platforms to efficiently promote their products and services among specific group of target customers. The social media platforms connect people very efficiently and so are utilized by the marketers and advertisers as the top online marketing and promotion platforms on the digital podium.

Recently, LinkedIn has launched its new matched audiences feature that gives the advertiser three new marketing tools, which are account targeting, website targeting, and contact targeting. This matched audiences feature of LinkedIn helps to target specific group of audiences very efficiently. The Matched Audiences feature is now available for all of the LinkedIn ad formats and brings more in line with what Facebook (custom audiences) and Twitter's (tailored audiences) have offered to advertisers for years.

The matched audiences feature helps you to use LinkedIn to retarget your website visitors, effectively market and promote to your contacts from the customer databases, marketing automation platforms, and target companies for your account-based marketing programs. The LinkedIn matched audiences feature helps to increase the ROI by enabling you to focus your efforts on the target customers and their accounts, which are most likely to drive revenue.

Let’s take a brief look at what you can do with LinkedIn Matched Audiences.
  • Website Retargeting

The LinkedIn Matched Audiences website retargeting enables you to reach individuals, who have visited your website on LinkedIn. You will have to install the LinkedIn insight tag to your website for doing this.

As per the latest report submitted by LinkedIn, on an average, advertisers, who are a part of this pilot program saw 30 percent higher click-through rates and 14 percent lower cost per conversion.

  • Account Retargeting

With the account targeting feature of LinkedIn, you can now target up to 300,000 companies on LinkedIn. The list of companies uploaded by you is then matched by LinkedIn against more than 8 million company pages.

However, you can only do this with the help of LinkedIn sales team. This feature is not available for self-service ads.

As reported by LinkedIn, on an average, advertisers saw 32 percent increase in conversion rates and 4.7 percent reduce in costs per conversion.

  • Contact targeting

Using the contact targeting feature, you can target your ads more specifically by uploading a list of up to 30,000 email addresses from your own database or by connecting to a CRM platform that have partnered with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn reported that on average advertisers saw around 37 percent higher CTRs using this latest feature.

So, if you want your advertisement to effectively reach your target online customers, then you should use the LinkedIn Matched Audiences feature.

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