Marketing Tips for Online Forums and Message Boards


A present, there is no fruitful way of marketing rather than social channels and this is the better way to engage new customers, but how can you forget about the discussion forums and message boards? Such involvement will help you promote your brand and business. It is very necessary to be more precise and accurate when you are talking in front of limitless audiences. A simple mistake can bring your crash at a glance.

An online forum has the involvement of both consumers and business owners. Business owners are talking about new products and the consumers are discussing the efficiency. So, it is very important to maintain both sides to be the center of attraction. According to a stat, almost 40 percent marketers are using such forums and message boards for online marketing rather than social networking sites.

If you are satisfied with a product and if you want to recommend the same others, there will be two possible ways. Those are like starting a campaign through social media by sharing or to join a discussion forum regarding the same topic. The second way is treated as the new sub culture of the users and marketers are aiming the target market through these channels, but how to maintain this folk? Here I have specified some important aspects for managing online forums and message boards. You must go through this.

  • Take the Advantage of Criticism: - If your product is criticized in the discussion, do not take it personally. Users may have used your product and are not satisfied and that is the reason of such negative discussion. In this concern, you will get the chance to find out the faults and negative concerns of your product. So, analyze the arguments and use the same for promoting your brand.
  • Enlarge Contribution and Engagement: - If you are connected with a site’s forum, try to contribute the most. Like, if there is going any serious discussion, you must be engaged with the same. This will increase the value of your presence as well as your opinion and you will gain many marketing opportunities.

  • Start Threads Highlighting your Product: - To enhance user’s interactions and engagements, you must start conversations on topics those are somehow related to your product. It will be better not to highlight your brand directly, but use diverse issues related to it, like efficiency or availability.

  • Be Neutral: - In some arguments, you may have to state some diplomatic concerns. In such cases always try to be neutral and share your own thought. As a marketer, you must find new opportunities for promotion, but at the initial stage you must build your reputation and potentiality and this will help achieve your goal.

  • Maintain Better Link with Site Admin: - You may contact your site admin by informing about your product or business. You can also demand for a paid promotion of your product. Besides that a good relationship with site admin is always treated as a good support.

  • Increase Popularity with Introduction: - If you are joining a new site’s forum, initially you have to introduce yourself. In this concern you must make a query about the advertising and sponsorship terms.

  • Do not Place your Product Everywhere: - Each and every forum has some contributions and educational purpose and they are different in topics or subject. Do not decrease your product value by posting a message that is irrelevant in a thread. So, first analyze the topic and if possible make a launch about your own.

  • Utilize Advertising: - Many forums offer sponsored or paid advertising and that can bring a great popularity for your product. Before acquiring the advantage, try to discover and analyze the expanse and prescribed conditions by the admin.

So, these are the basic guidelines to maintain a message board of forum thread. Have already engaged in such marketing strategy? Are you benefited? Do not forget to post your valuable opinions to make this article more resourceful.


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