More Acquaintances to Distinguish between Queries and Keywords

There are lots of people related to the world of Web and they carry different views according to different aspects. In case of search queries and keywords the picture is the same. Most of the web people determine both the terms as similar to each other, but according to the search professional there is a huge gap between the two. Here, I am going to discuss both and the same will make the picture clearer. In the field of SEO the aspects of both are far important. So if you are related to the world of web, you should have a look. • Keywords at a Glance A user has no relation with keywords. He/she only think about the search or the required information. This term is totally related the web site optimization. Moreover, it is the reflection at a glance what the users think about search and what the search engines can understand. A keyword is the term that is used or targeted in a search campaign or in a paid search. If you desire to get a PPC bid for “Sell property” then your keyword will be “Sell property” or “Property selling” • Queries at a Glance At a glance queries are the terms that are typed by the users for a search. So, there is a core relation between the queries and the keywords used on your site. If they do not match there will be less visibility of your site while an online search. There is no any assurance that the queries will always be based on correct spellings, but the same are corrected by Google while the search. • The Difference between the Two The difference can be placed on the basis of the users of the two terms. The term “Keyword” is used by the search marketers whiles the optimization process for a site. On the other hand queries are made by the users while they are search for something on the web. Users are less aware of the keywords. They only know about their search. So it is the duty of the marketers and SEO experts to guess the keywords according to the search queries. So, the basis of the keywords is the queries. In a search marketing campaign one must has to learn about queries to get efficient keywords. Moreover, the relationship and understanding the same is the starting of a successful SEO campaign. • Relations between Keywords and Queries The success of a web site always comes from the keywords. The marketers use the keywords for a better ranking, but practically it is matter of the users what they deserve for. You will gain more traffic using the keywords that match with the user’s query and not from other efforts. • Importance of Queries to Discover Keywords After all the conversation that is made above, you can better understand that it is the search queries that direct the keywords. You have to acquire knowledge about the search queries of the users that lead to your product or services, but how you can operate the same. It is the help from GWT or Google’s webmaster tool that will help you find the search queries that are bringing traffic to your site. You should know about the fact that the information available in GWT is limited and there will be only the search queries that have brought the traffic. There may be others and how you will check them. It the Google’s auto-complete feature that will help you in the matter. Whenever you are going for a search and have typed in search query in the search box, there will be references from Google regarding the same category. You may see the following snap for better convenience. This practice is not made by human interactions, but Google has the algorithm to determine the same. Whenever you are typing a query, Google will find the similar terms or phrases that are used recently for the same kinds of searches. In this concern there is a straight disclaimer of Google that the auto complete results may be strange or odd as all the operations are based upon the earlier search queries. So, these are the ways that you can be aware of the search terms. So, try to gather knowledge about the search queries before framing the keywords. • Operational Strategies Now as it has been proved that both keywords and queries are the two sides of a coin, the campaign will run on the basis of both. Moreover, you have to research queries to discover more efficient and fruitful keywords that will bring more business. Besides this great task there are some other operational strategies that you have to know. I have compiled those on a single page. You should have a peep Suppose you are targeting the keyword like “teeth whitening”. Now if you make a research you will get different search queries like:-
  1. Teeth whitening steps
  2. Steps for teeth whitening
  3. Teeth whitening tricks
  4. Teeth whitening help
  5. Teeth whitening statements
  6. Teeth whitening strategies
  7. Teeth whitening success
  8. Teeth whitening formula
  9. Teeth whitening blog
  10. Teeth whitening examples
  11. How to operate Teeth whitening
  12. 10 steps to Teeth whitening
  13. 5 steps to Teeth whitening
  14. Teeth whitening blog twitter
  15. Teeth whitening blog Facebook
  16. Teeth whitening online support
  17. Teeth whitening online help
Now you have all the search queries made by the people. This will help you building more effective keywords. In this concern I want to alert you on a different matter. Some people may not be aware of such tough online term like blog, Twitter or other short terms. In this concern you have to gather help from GWT to find out which queries are used by the users to reach to your site. This research will be more effective and help you find quite different keywords. • Conclusion So, these are all about the difference between keywords and queries. If you are related to the field of SEO or any web optimization strategy, you must go through and understand the matter. Your valuable opinions will be helpful to dig out more aspects. So, do not forget to leave your comments.

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