More Dealings to Improve Site Speed-SEO 101 in 2015

This is the reason why site speed has become one of the important issues. Waiting for a site loading is quite similar to wait in a queue for Pizza. So, page loading time is obviously a major part of user experience. If your site takes longer time to access, it may be omitted be many users. This is a common psychological theory.   Besides all of these there are some other factors which depend upon site speed. Just check it out why website speed will have an impact over business in 2015. 1. Google’s Site Speed Basis Treatment Google has already launched a new web based tool, namely page speed online to determine a website’s performance along with the guidelines for the website owners how to enhance the site speed. But why all of these are needed? Google has always given more attention and rewards to the sites which have clean codes and can be downloaded quickly. Former vice president Marissa Mayer asked the users what they wanted in Google search results. There are several changes and the result is quite appreciable. Traffic has been dropped by twenty percent on the pages that featured 30 results. The download speed difference between the pages with 10 and 30 results is only half a second. It is a fact that site speed is one of the factors through which Google determines a website’s rank. In ranking algorithm the site speed is far important in case of desktop as well as in mobiles. So, it should not be omitted to carry your business in an appreciable manner especially since mobile sites can be penalized for slow loading. 2. Site Speed Determines the User Experience This is a common psychological matter that the site speed always determines the user satisfaction. Here are some important survey stats:-
  • 51 Percent of online shoppers of U.S.A have reported that due to low speed of the sites their online transactions are hardly completed according to a report of Radware.
  • A general research has established the fact that most of the users desire to load a site within two seconds.
  • Another report from Radware said that the sites taking longer time to load have lost traffic from 2010 to 2014.
  • The high speed sites have proved efficient business and more traffic since 2010.
There are several hidden factors which cause slow site speed and accessibility. To improve your status, at first you have to point out the factors to resolve them. Here is the brief study of the matters that cause the same: 1. Causes which Lead Slow Loading of a Page
  • Host Matters: - If you have chosen a cheap host for the purpose of money saving, it may hamper your business. The fact is what you pay for, the same you get. Make sure that you have to choose an effective host who may handle your business needs.
  • Plug-in over Load: - If you have the best host and yet you are not satisfied with the speed than widget or plug-in overload can be the cause. This may be the reason of unsuspecting comments or social media buttons.
  • Unimproved Images: - There should be appropriate uses of PNG and JPEG images. PNG should be used for icons or logos whereas JPEG can be used for images. Otherwise there may be extra data which may harm the site speed.
  • Lots of Ads and Codes: - Extreme ad contents are always disliked hence it also reduces the site speed. The codes for analytic, sign-up forms, insufficient HTML5/ CSS should be used in condensed forms otherwise they hamper the site speed.
  • Theme and External Media: - To make you site interesting and demanding you must be using exceptional themes and graphics, but make sure they will not hamper the site speed. External media like videos or slide shows are valuable content of a website, but they are the reasons also for slowing down the loading speed. Always try to launch host maintainable media on your site.
2. How to Test Site Speed and Improve That If you are still confused with your site speed, there are a lot of free online tools through which you can measure the site speed and also can improve the same. Here are some instances which may help you in the process:-
  • WebPageTest: - Webpage Test is supported by Google and will make a score out of hundred if you are measuring your site speed through this. After that you take the possible steps to increase the site speed.
  • Google Analytic by Yoast: - If you have wordpress or SEO purpose you may try this. Through this Google Analytic by Yoast by Yoast you can determine the site speed in different browsers.
  • Yslow :- Yahoo has launched this program and Yslow is capable of determining a user-defined rule set, suggestions for improvement, summary of components of the page, and performance analysis like and JSLint, etc.
  • Performance Plug-In Profiler: - Performance plug-in Profiler or P3 must be used if you are in wordpress. It will show you which plug-ins are hampering the site speed.
  • Webpage Analyzer: - It will show you page size, composition and download time along with a summery how the page loading time can be optimized.
  • Page Speed Tool: - Page Speed tool provides a complete package of why the site speed is reducing along with a report on image files, CSS and Java Scripts.
  • Load Impact: - Using load impact you can find why and where your site is flooded with users. It will help to determine the site cracks.
  • GT Metrix: - It will provide you a charted of page load times, page sizes and request numbers.
  • Pingdom: - It can be operated well in the browser like chrome, which will provide you the errors connected to realty and present time. You can also see how the other programs are measuring your site speed.
  So, these are all to handle the big deal like site speed. Try to maintain all these aspects and your business in 2015 will discover a new way to prosperity. Your practices and responses will help to find more effectual tricks to gain better site speed.

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