More Directions to Landing Page Optimization

In the era of modern marketing, everyone is in search of the best methods to be at the top of the exposure. There is no doubt that the optimization of landing pages and home pages are most important factor for the sites especially for the business oriented sites. If you are running with the traditional strategies, you will surely be left behind. Here, I have framed seven different books and you have to analyze them one after another, but surely all of them. It will bring the new ideas to meet the advanced technology of web marketing in 2015. 1.      Book one :- The necessity of landing pages to a marketer 2.      Book Two:- The demand of context and not the content 3.      Book three :- Forms for your information 4.      Book four :- Better launching of copies that convert 5.      Book five :- Aspects of designing 6.      Book Six :- Haunt for more conversions 7.      Book seven :- Instances for better analysis It will be truly a challenge to boast that all these books are quite enough to place you at the top, but I can assure you it will surely clear the picture of the possible path to reach there. You must have a look 1.   Book One :- The Necessity of Landing Pages to A Marketer If you are experiencing my article it is the matter of attention. So, the first thing to make the visitors wait on the landing page and to proceed further is the attention. A god conversion experience always turns into a lead where as a bad conversion experience force the visitor to run away from the site for another search. I have structured three sides of the visitors’ attention that should be kept in mind always. These are like
  1. Capturing the attention
  2. Maintaining the attention
  3. Focusing on the attention
In this regard you have to read more and more knowledge about attention building. You must have a look on the following:-
  • Attention Ratio: - The attention ratio is basically the distance between the elements or links on a page and the positive conversions have been made. You must know to distinguish between a home page and the diverse features of a landing page. Here I have attached the two images that help you understand the requirements of such pages.
On the above homepage a certain portion has been circled to highlight. Besides that there are several information after navigation like product details, price, promotion and some reviews to catch the attention of the visitors. If the visitors are coming from paid ads or social media the ratio will complicate you. There will be enormous links to your home page and if there are 40 outer links the ratio of attention will be 40:1. Moreover the more elements surrounding you have been attached it brings the neural representation and that is the key point of your attention. On a specific landing page that has been launched foe attention campaign there is always a specific thing and hence in this case the ratio will be 1:1. Look at the snap below. Oracle is a company with an indefinable tactics of complex product presentation. The company has an emergence of getting more and more possible paths of catching attention.

There will be a different result if you have clicked on an ad instead of Google search. If you make a Google search, you will be brought on the homepage. Otherwise clicking on the ad, you will be brought to a different page like registering or a sign up page. It will be an appreciable landing page focusing on the demo of a specific product. In this concern color matching is an important factor of attention. Your website must follow a specific color combination and the respective landing page should follow the same to express relevancy.
  • Coupling of Conversion: - Conversion coupling is a process in which the measuring is done between the source of a click and the landing experience. Moreover this process has been categorized into two sections. Those are Message march and Design match.
If the visitors are to click on an ad line there must be a message about the product or service. Now, to match the message with your service the headline of the landing page must has a relevancy with the ad message. This will continue to carry the attention of the visitor. The headlines must be about brand value proposition. To build a strong message match you must use the headliner of your landing page as the sub head of your ad page. Here I have brought an example of a better message match.

To maintain a better impression and attention there should be a relevancy between the design of your ad page and landing page. Generally it carries a better impression of the respective site. The match should be done with the messages also. The CTA may be small but the landing page should carry the trust and relevancy of the ad. All these will prove the next click will be done are not. 2.      Book Two:- The Demand of Context and not the Content Here I will show you the necessity of context on a landing page. The content is king, but formation of the context is more valuable. In this concern I want to discuss several aspects. You should have a look
  • Conversion Force: - You can never invite a person whom you do not know. A visitor must need a special glance on the first visit that you should know him/her. The click link is the key factor of a landing page. It should be informative and also match with the requirement or query of a search user. You must see the example.
“Let’s do what you deserve for leisure” You just think if this line is the impression of your email, how much close you will be with the visitor. Sometime a great way to make momentum is to make gratitude to your visitors. “Let me teach you how our product will support you” Now if you have used such emails or calling on a page, you should experience the same on your landing page. A detail account or ad page should consist of several email links that should bring the visitor to your landing page. If you have not experienced better you my make several changes like
  • A helpful header for your brand
  • A personal message to touch user’s heart
  • An introductory line about you
After practicing all these you will have a better conversion rate I believe.
  • Context: - A context will be the eager description how your product will work and the service will benefit the users. Moreover it is a vivid description of you service. It is important for increasing conversion.
Context case study will be quite similar to a A/B test. A better template of your site as an ad and how much traffic is understanding coming to your landing page is the key factor of this case study. The Landing page templates must follow several measures. I have taken the most precious among them.
  • The text box must look great
  • The text box should carry extra info
A beautiful template carries more and more queries. The marketers are always eager to know about the source of the template and the cost to design that. You must think if this is the impact over the marketers what the same will be on the users. You, as a businessman have the duty to realize the thinking of your potential customers and produce the same according to their need. 3.   Book three :- Forms for your Information and Influence You have to understand that forms are the staple step of a landing page and these are the key factors to represent your conversion goal. While designing such forms you are to remember that conversion lubes are essential for the visitors. Along with this the size and friction always matter. There are some aspects regarding friction and size and here are the essential ones. You must read them for better convenience.
  • Recognized Friction :- A long or lengthy form may be irritating for the users so try to make your form short and precise that the users can easily fill the information.
  • Real Friction: - The process of enjoying a form should be fast and quick without any friction. Drop down menus must include viable answers of the quires and if the visitor has a question on the form page, the answer should be there. If not it may be a cause of dissatisfaction. You must avoid the captcha security field as they are annoying if shown repeatedly.
  • The Compact Solution of Reducing Friction: - If there is a high percentage of drop down results, you must precise them that they should not be boring for the visitors. All the answers should be real and according to the variable questions of the visitors.
You must apply some balance between the incentive offered by you and the exchange of personal data. There are many occasions to collect a user’s information like digital book, newsletter, webinars, whitebook, etc. In this concern I want alert you not to be so much greedy because some extra friction in this matter may be a cause of user’s dissatisfaction.
  • Some Tips to form a Better form: - I have structured some common measures that will make your form more communicative creating less friction. Just take a look
  • The form should express its reason
  • There must be a strong headline
  • There must be a description
  • A call to action point
  • Mention reviews or trust statements
  • An urgency oriented form

  • Here I have mentioned some forms that will make you realize how a precise form should work and the same is quite user friendly to make the interaction within a short period of time.
A short sign up form An e-book downloads form A call back form 4.   Book four :- Better Launching of Copies that Convert It is the material of your page that should attract more and more visitors. So, the text of your site is far important to meet the conversion goal. While writing the body copy of your landing page you must be aware of the relative importance of the page elements. Here I have placed the elaborate discussion
  • First About the Headline: - Launching of a catchy headline is more profitable to get an assured conversion. It is like the first footstep of your personality as you are entering for an interview. If you have written an interesting and catchy headline you have got the first step of the conversion. About headline you should remember the following factors :-
  • Make something different or undesirable that should catch the user’s attention.
  • Do something hard
  • Better stress on the major headline
  • There should be reinforcement statement
  • The closing argument should be strong
  • The statements should be unique
  • Stress on urgency to make an immediate call to action
  • Define your experience shortly or how you have solved problems.
All these formulas and strategies must have to be taken whenever you are going to compose a headline or head tag.
  • Write your CTA or Call to Action: - You can place the final stage of your deal on the basis of the following factors.
  • A strong description what the user will get
  • More stressful phrasing by using the verb ‘get’
  • Subtext
  • Emergency manner
  • Subtexts or headings
Moreover you should clearly mention the result or happening after clicking on the CTA button. The user will be more satisfied on seeing the same and it is also the matter of reliability.
  • How to Compose a CTA Copy:-To write a CTA copy you have to be more conscious that you can truly express the value of your product. If the user can understand the value of the same it will be an assured conversion. In this concern I am recommending not to use negative statement or word in the CTA copy that should harm the attention of the user. Simply, you have added the word spam in the CTA copy there will be a great downfall of conversion. Some examples of better CTA copies are attached.              
  • 5.  Book five :- Aspects of Designing
A design or better presentation of a landing page is another key tone of conversion. As there are logics for each and every mood, here is not the exception. You can provide the users a solution only with your design, but how to make an attractive one? Here is the solution.
  • Directional Aspects: - The directional aspect in a design or image represents the clue you are trying to express directly. Once you have shown such directional design people will identify and trust you at a glance. Here are some examples of directional design :-
  • Encapsulation: - If your basic target is the CTA, you may include a small window or box on your landing page. It brings a better result whenever it is used to highlight a form. The examples foe better convenience.
  • Color Contrast: - You must have heard that different colors have different aspects of color contrast. Actually in the world of web different colors represent different aspects as red is best and orange is inviting. The power of contrast has enough power to seduce your visitors.
  • Some Space for White: - Here are some examples of white banners. You must see those that these are also clearly highlighting the image of the respective subjects. It is not bound to use high color contrast, but you make it still grey or white, but the matter is the better presentation of the design.
  • 6.  Book Six :- Haunt for more Conversions
Whenever anyone is the cause of conversion or anyone is filling up your form, you must be thinking to gain more. Yes, this is the place of internet .i.e. the world of web and there is no limit of deserving. So, after you have managed to launch a better landing page, you may think about several matters. I have structured some of them. You must have a look.
  • PCM or Post Conversion Marketing: - This is the aspect of deserving more and more. It is the continuous process of managing conversation with more new leads.
  • How to Launch a Better PCM: - If a user has filled up your form, you may offer for more practical experience to entertain the user. Suppose, you are providing online service as well as a real support. You may invite the user to experience the real show. It is a better manner to increase PCM.
  • How to Frame Better Confirmation Pages: - In the confirmation or thank you page you must place a question that should bring more and more conversion. This strategy is generally treated as instant boost for conversation. Here are some images for better convenience.
  • 7.  Book Seven :- Instances for Better Analysis
Now you are a landing page optimizer. At the initial period I want to help you guide the basic critical notes that are entertained with the leading landing pages. It will enrich you with more knowledge and a practical aspect.


  • First you must look at the ad page. It carries some better sub headings and more information that will bring the visitors to the site’s landing page.

  • Now see at the landing page. Is it matched with the ad page? I think it is not. The word used on the ad page is hardly visible on the landing page. The word next is almost hidden at the top right corner, and the others are hardly used. So, the attention ration is very high. In this concern I have to say that if you are as a visitor finding for your own query it will take a greater time. So, this landing page is not suitable with the ad ones and not enough to bring a conversion.

  • Now, you should have a look on the following landing page snap. Here Five CTAs have been attached so the ration becomes 5:1 and there is a clear message match with the ad. So, it will bring a better conversion then the previous one. In this concern you can easily get the same smell of the ad as well as the headline exactly matches the search query. The user has not to be confused with the search as the design has been placed to make understand anyone easily. That is reason that in this case there is a high chance of conversion.
  • Now look at this ad page

  • The correspondent landing page has been designed like this

  • You can see that there is no message match between the ad page and the related landing page. Most of the users come to the page to find a SEO research tool and the same is terribly missing. It is like a misguide for the users. So, there is a least chance of a conversion. The attention ratio is better, but there is sign of a better CTA. The only word “submit” has been used and there is no information for the users what is about to going on next after the click? Here the tagline would be better to use “Download the free SEO guide platform”. The mentioned form also constituted zero value to the visitors. Here must be mentioned some information that a user will be benefited after getting the product or the research tool.
So, these are all about the leading strategies. Now we should make a review of the whole to better understand the article at a glance.
  • There should be a strong connection between the ad page and landing page.
  • If the attention ratio goes down the conversion ratio goes up.
  • You have to use the context in a better way in case of images.
  • In a landing page for, you must enrich the elements that should provide the compact information of the product.
  • For the same goal you may use multiple CTAs.
  • You must ask for another conversion after the first one.
  • Make a better visual treatment using proper design and graphics.
  • You must make frequent demos of the campaign yourself that everything is going right or not.
In all these concerns your comment is useful to launch better strategies. So, do not forget to leave your opinion.

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