New Version of Google Search Console Now Available to Everyone!

Google has recently launched an update to its search console for webmasters that among other things, brings redesigned search performance and index coverage data to the service. This new version of Google search console will available to everyone from now onwards. Specifically, verified users of Google search console will be able to access the new search performance, index coverage, and AMP status.

As officially described by Google, the new version of search console reports will provide ‘more transparency’ into Google’s indexing, stateful two-way communications between Google and website owners to help resolve issues faster and a responsive user-interface. In addition, this new updated version of Google search console now also feature more detailed data about the errors that a site’s AMP pages may be throwing.

Google has been testing these updates in beta over a long course of the last few months and it’s now ready to move them into production. Users will still able to switch back and forth between the new and old reports though. Both versions of search console will continue to live for all users and can be used side by side. Google said it will continue to add classic search console features into the new search console, so until that process is complete, webmasters will be able to access both versions via a link in the navigation bar.

Another very critical feature of this newly launched, updated version of Google search console is the ability of it to share critical issues that surface in reports with multiple team members in an organization, to more efficiently distribute the information and have problems addressed more expediently. Revoking access is likewise easy and intuitive.

Search Console

The SEO companies in India and Abroad are curiously waiting for this new release of search console for a long time. The rebuilt design of the new search console has helped the search engine optimizers to a great extent. This new version of Google search console is launched with a renewed focus on helping site owners identify and fix pending issues. With the updated index coverage, AMP status, and job posting reports of this new version of Google search console, site owners will be guided through a simplified process of optimizing their website’s presence in search results.

If you are a not a professional, you may think why Google search console has been considered so important or why webmasters and SEO specialists are curious to know about the new releases of it.

Google search console is a collection of tools and resources that help website owners, webmasters, web marketers, and SEO professionals monitor website performance in the Google search index. In fact, Google search console was formerly known as Google webmaster central and then Google webmaster tools until 2015. Google search console features include search appearance, search traffic, technical status updates, crawl data, and additional educational resources.

The update that is most important for the majority users using this new version of Google search console is the new search performance. This report now features a new design and access to 16 months of data, which Google argues should make it easier to detect trends in your data because you can now finally create year-over-year comparisons.

The index coverage report of this new version of Google search console, too, is getting a major overhaul. Like before, the focus of this report is on helping you figure out why some pages may not show up in Google’s index. Indeed, the focus seems to be mostly on making existing features more easily to find and use. That means you can now more easily find the tools to test and re-submit URLs.

Both the AMP and job posting reports also focus on providing you access to error data. If your AMP pages throw warnings, for instance, you will able to find those pages, get more information about these warnings, and request a re-crawl. Google also notes that it is easy to share these reports with other teams in a company. In the same manner, the job posting report will show you which pages Google has indexed in its Google for jobs index and which ones are missing data or throw errors.

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