Optimized Local Marketing with Apple Watch and more Business

With the launch of apple watch in Aril, 2015 there is a new dimension of local search. Now without a smart phone, you can make the local search through your wrist gadget. Everything has become easier from ordering a pizza to book a hotel. So it is the time for the marketers to optimize the local businesses in the Apple map. Local market is the key business area for the small farms so, it is important to place your local details in front of the users. As current trend is way ahead with advanced technology, the popularity of apple watch will surely touch the sky scrapping popularity. So, this is the right time to adopt better strategies by the national as well as local marketers to optimize their marketing strategy and experience the change. Here are some suggestions that I have compiled to face the new gadget.

  • Place your Local Search Data: - Local search marketing has always proved a profitable investment for the business. The trend of “near me” searches have made the practice more common and desirable by the marketers. The local search has increased in a booming manner since 2011. According to a recent state, around 80% of local searches are made on mobile screens, so it is very important for the marketers that local data and business information should have to be organized in a better way that users can find them easily according to their requirement. It will be a better way by organizing such details such as NAP to be actionable and active on Apple watch.
  • Extended Stress on “Micro Moment”:- Micro moment is the easy interactions between the marketers and the customers using relevant content and experience with the basis of user’s behavior and location. The exceptional addition of this feature has made Apple watch as well as iBeacon technology quite different from traditional gadgets.
It will be an over-triumph of location based marketing and the compact information of a brand throughout a wider range will make the process more effective. For example, you may place a complete list of your products on the Apple watch including the details of your stores and availability of products. It is the power of a brand to be engaged with the customers. The marketers should start the planning from right now how to implement the campaign and experience the benefits of “Micro moments”.
  • A Smooth Shopping Experience: - As Apple has thought about the contactless payment technology, the businesses should start accepting such advanced features of payment mode. Google wallet has already launched the card less payment module using a chip technology that has allowed the customers to make payment without swiping or punching a card. Apple watch has produced the technology and now a customer does not have to carry credit cards or fumble in their pockets. So, it is the best time to attract the credit card buyers without swiping a card and experience the new technology.
Conclusion: - The Apple watch is not only the one in the field of wearable tech gadgets, but there are more. So, it is very clear that there will be a great chase among the local marketers to make the business presence in the local market. The search situation is changing fast and the marketers should have to be ready always for the new transformation. All these are the basic approach made by Apple watch. What will be the next? What do you think about the changes? Do not forget to place your response about this new gadget. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the article to your social circles.

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