Pinterest – Witnessing a Rapid Increase in the Number of Monthly Users


Pinterest can be termed as a visual bookmarking tool, where the users can find, share, and save ideas and information. This is a free tool but, you have to open an account and register yourself before using it. The registered users can upload, save, share, and manage images, videos, and other media contents on Pinterest. With the help of this personalized media platform, the users can pin things online, such as images, videos, and anything they find interesting. The users can invite their friends to join Pinterest and also, browse the contents that their friends have shared. All your pins are saved online for your future reference and also, you get the facility to repin things from your Pinterest board.

Popularity of Pinterest

Statistics show that the number of monthly users of Pinterest is increasing rapidly. In 2012, there were more than 10 million monthly U.S. visitors of Pinterest. In 2015, Pinterest had 100 million monthly active users, 80 million of whom live outside the U.S. And today, Pinterest has 150 million monthly active users from all over the world, as announced by this popular social bookmarking site. Out of the 150 million monthly users of Pinterest, 70 million of the users are from the U.S. Of the total new signups of Pinterest, about 75 percent live outside the U.S., as announced by Pinterest. This social bookmarking platform is widely used by the SEO consultants in India and the world. The popularity of Pinterest is ever increasing.

The statistics show that about 40 percent of Pinterest users are men and that means that the majority of Pinterest users are women. Pinterest cannot be compared with the popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., which have more daily and monthly users than Pinterest. Rather than a social network, Pinterest is a personal tool. People visit Pinterest to discover new things and do what they love to do, and in the process, they perceive their preferences and learn about new things, which they find interesting.

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