Social Bookmarking – An Important Ingredient of the Search Engine Optimization Process


Social bookmarking is one of the most popular link building strategies. It is a centralized online service with the help of which, the users can share the links to different web pages with the other web visitors. As we all know, bookmarks help to store the links to the web pages on the web so that the links can be retrieved later on, whenever needed. Social bookmarking is also known as tagging. Tagging is one of the important features of social bookmarking systems and it allows the users to organize their bookmarks. Social bookmarking helps in link building, which is a very important and commonly used tactic of Search Engine Optimization. By the process of link building, you can get external pages and link them to a page on your website.

Previously, the internet users used to save the important links to the frequently visited web pages in their computers. But, with the advent of the social bookmarking tools, the internet users can now store, organize, edit, and share their bookmarks online. And these links can be accessed any time through the internet. SEO consultants in India and in different parts of the world, use social bookmarking as an important tool in the search engine optimization process.

Social bookmarking helps in improving the website traffic by maximizing the number of visitors to the website. This is a very useful tool and has certain advantages, as well as disadvantages. Today, social bookmarking for SEO has gained much popularity. Through the social bookmarking sites, the SEO experts can improve the traffic to the websites.

Social Bookmarking

The following are some of the advantages of social bookmarking:

  • Advertisement and promotion of brands can be done using the platform of social bookmarking sites as numerous internet users visit these sites and thus, your product can reach to them through this platform
  • This platform is free and thus, people can advertise their websites in the social bookmarking sites for no cost
  • When a content is posted in the social bookmarking sites, it becomes visible to a large number of viewers and if they find the content informative, they follow the link to the website and this increases the traffic to the website

There are certain disadvantages of social bookmarking as well. Some of them are as follows:

  • A large number of internet users visit the social bookmarking sites, still, there are quite a lot of people, who do not visit these sites, and so, it becomes difficult to reach to those people if you post your contents in the social bookmarking sites only
  • Creating and posting relevant contents in the social bookmarking sites is a very time-consuming work and can be sometimes de-motivating if you do not get the desired results
  • Social bookmarking for SEO is not ideal for all types of businesses

Some of the popular social bookmarking sites are -, Digg, LinkedIn Pulse, Pocket, Pinterest, GrowthHackers, Medium, StumbleUpon, Reddit, SlideShare, and so on. Social bookmarking is a popularly used SEO tool and it does give desired results, but the strategies should be properly planned and posting contents should be done wisely so that the viewers can find them informative and interesting, which in turn, can bring traffic to the website. If wisely and strategically used, social bookmarking can prove to be advantageous for online marketing campaigns.


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