Some Aspects to Distinguish between In house SEO, SEO Agency and Freelance SEO

Having a website needs more and more advanced techniques to attract more business. Not only for the business, but to sustain in this competitive world, you need an effective SEO. Now there may be two possible ways to operate the SEO process. You may hire an expert or you have to outsource the task to an outer agency. Both are effectual, but there are some merits and demerits both. Here, in this article I am going to place the compact knowledge regarding both. You should go through that for better knowledge.
  • Know about In House SEO
In house SEO is term related to the operations achieved within a company. Most of the website owners hire expert SEO and manages to form an SEO team for the optimization process. According to an earlier marketing stat of 2103, it had been found that 64% of the total companies prefer to operate In house SEO.

  • Merits of In House SEO
i. If you have hired an expert or have managed an SEO tem, it will always be engaged to your website only. The outsourcing may bring less importance on your site as the agencies work for multiple companies at a time. ii. An In house will operate all the optimization strategies with better understanding and approach. The day to day operation in front of the SEO team will help understand the actual demand or gaps to be fulfilled. The agencies generally operate all of these from a certain distance. So, you can better understand that an In house SEO will manage direct interactions between you and the SEO team. iii. An In house SEO will help you understand what is going on? Along with this you will know about the activities made by the SEO team and the agendas that should have to taken in future for better optimization.
  • Demerits of In House SEO
i. An SEO is a quite tough job and an expert has to be more talented as well as experienced. So, it is very common that whenever you are engaging such expert professional only for your business, it will highly expensive. There is no doubt that In house SEO is effectual, but you have to maintain your investment budget. ii. If you have hired an expert professional, all the optimization process will be handled with single hand. In course of outsourcing there will be an SEO team or a group of professionals. So, the second one is definitely fruitful as there will be the collaboration of multiple expertise. iii. More often in-house SEO practices lead to automated software like creating backlinks, handling social media strategies etc by using crappy software's eventually which is part of illegal online marketing practices. iv. It’s hard to get real improvement data from In-house seo employees, because you have to believe what you get from them whereas agencies do much more professional reporting. v. Sometimes In house SEOs have no access to multiple paid SEO tools whereas agencies have the capacity to operate the same. vi. It’s hard to fire an In-house SEO even few are lazy or unsuccessful.
  • Know about SEO Agency
Whenever you are not hiring an SEO expert in your company and you are giving the whole task to another company or group, the process will be called as SEO outsourcing. There are uncountable SEO firms are framed by the business professionals throughout the world. These SEO companies are supporting multiple sites and online firms. That is the reason that it is cost saving tactics for an outsourcer. Besides that it also saves time for the respective company and the business can run in a smooth way. An agency has the detail knowledge of the web world due to variable transactions of different types of clients and they know what Google thinking is about.

  • Merits of SEO Agency
i. In comparison to In house SEO, this process costs lower. The reason I have discussed earlier that the multiple clients. So, if anyone wishes to run the campaign in a low budget, he/she may choose SEO agency. ii. The SEO companies are carrying multiple operations for multiple clients. So, it is very common that they should have a better experience than the hired SEO. You can get the guaranty from the existing customers for analyzing your new SEO partner. iii. SEO agencies always believe in complete dedication for development and optimization for their SEO campaigns. So, after outsourcing the task you may be quite sure about the development of your site. iv. If you have hired an SEO you have to pay for the agreed salary either you have meet your desire or not, but in case of an outsourcing agency they have to bring the success for you. The reason behind this is that the business and goodwill is the only base of their business. If an outsourcing agency fail to satisfy a client it will surely see a downfall of new and existing clients.
  • Demerits of SEO Agency
  1. If you have hired an outsourcing agency you will not be able to see who and how the optimization process is going on?
  2. It is the sharing of the strategies with other website owners as such agencies operate several clients. In this concern you may have to wait for your turn.
  • Know about Freelance SEO
Freelance is a term related to work independently and nowadays the practice has become more common and popular. Some experienced people in the field of SEO are providing support to many small firms besides employment. Moreover, this type supports are regarded supplementary and mostly the practices are made by small business firms. Many large business firms sometimes hire such freelance consultants, besides hiring SEO agencies for additional support. Now I am going to discuss the merits and demerits of the same. You should have a look.

  • Merits of Freelancing
i. In this practice a client and the freelancer can deal the deliverable at any time. There is no fixed schedule and a hiring company can entertain the same with a 24 hours support. ii. In this concern the hiring company is the only boss and the support will be according to their needs. There is no boss in freelancing and the hiring company should fix the guidelines.
  • Demerits of Freelancing
i. The first one is pricing. One cannot determine the fixed cost or price of a freelancing service as all these matters upon the service provided by the freelancer. As a company better thinks of the budget and this pricing matter is a great demerits of Freelancing. ii. A freelancer is not associated with any kind of official engagement. That is the reason that the perimeter of knowledge is typically small. In most of the cases this type of support is taken by small firms and businesses. iii. In most of the cases the support regarding SEO has been experienced for short period of time as Freelancing support is generally treated as small businesses. So, these are all about both SEO process i.e. In house and outsourcing. Now you have to determine which one is suitable for you. The article will be unfinished without your opinions. So, do not forget to leave your comments.

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