Some Online Review Platforms Essential for Your Business


2015 has explored many new-born SEO strategies, but reviews are still at the same point of importance. People still, like to check online reviews while specifying a restaurant or a multiplex. So, to get some added business, it is far important to optimize these review platforms. Now, check out all of these review platforms if your business is reviewed or not.

1. Consumer Reports: - This platform is active since several years and online users have better reliability on this platform. There are multiple variations of reviews including news articles, videos, polling and images.

This platform has been well managed to increase user friendliness. You can check reviews by specific categories and you can also create your own account to share your own thoughts or interest. Products or services are given rating through a five star yardstick. Users can easily determine the value of a product or service. The most interesting thing is that Consumer reports gather reviews from different parts of the web and compile them into a single concern. So, if you are not using or giving importance to this platform you are missing a great opportunity for your business.

2. List of Angie

Though Angie’s list is a paid platform where they require a fee of $9.99 a month for signing-up and use, it is a better way to increase integrity and quality of the reviews. The uniqueness of this review platform can be determined in different ways, but the important thing is that there is a strong surveillance that a company or a manufacturer is not making the reviews to promote a service or product. So, it is the best place to consider the quality of a service or product.

3. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau has its own tradition of making reviews for a respective company or product. After reaching at the homepage of the website, you will be asked about your location .i.e. city or postal code. So, it is very clear that location based reviews has made this platform. If you are checking reviews of a restaurant in the USA, you will not be shown the references from France or Spain. BBB is famous to gather and provide importance on consumer reviews and not from the businesses.

4. Zomato

This platform mainly focuses on eateries and especially restaurants. So, if you are not running a restaurant or hotel business, it will not be worthy for you, but if you are in the same business, Zomato truly matters. The featured aspect of Zomato is that it takes reviews and filters them for a better user experience.

5. Insider Pages and City search

These two review platforms are quite similar to each other and these are quite popular among the users for free serving. According to traditional review patterns these sites have a pattern of five start ratings. The review snaps may come on the SERP and for the same there is an authoritative attention of these two review sites on search engines.

6. Yahoo/Google

There is no doubt that these two are the giant search engines of this planet and for the height of reputation you cannot make a free use of both. There are specified premiums for local listing and reviews. If you place a name of hotel or car service on Google or Yahoo search, you will find the closet service in your location along with a five star rating box.

Yahoo and Google both have different algorithms for analyzing reviews. In case of Google you will need a Google+ membership before start using. These two platforms are basic stage of reviews and if you have not listed till, just make hurry.

7. Social Media

Nowadays social media has a strong impact over SEO as well as reviews. Most of the right and reliable reviews are checked on Facebook or Twitter. After including your business community, there is a strong necessity of regular surveillance how consumers are considering your product or service. Common reviews, comments and sharing are the better ways to establish a better reputation of your business.

8. Own Website’s comments

It is not only the matter of other review sites, but your own website also matters. Do not forget to get surveillance over the pages of your own website like “blog section”, “categories” or “about us”.

The comments placed on a blog article can establish your business expertise and quality service. So, make sure that you have well optimized all of these pages of your website.

Conclusion: - So, now it is very clear that it is always better to use all the review platforms rather than optimizing a single review site. Have you checked earlier all of the above? Do not forget to place your valuable comments. Provide a chance to other users to place their responses by sharing this article to your social circles.


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