Some Worthy Resources for Web Developers

If you are a web developer, you are always in search of the tricks how you should improve your game. There are different variable fields like coding languages, new standards on which you have to be stressed on. There is a brief enquiry about these measures, but you have to pick out the most effective ones from the archives. Here is some valuable information I have prepared which will keep you at the top of the tree. 1. WEBMONKEY : Web monkey is one of the most popular websites consisting of various information and methods to build Web Pages from backend to front end. It focuses elaborately on the matters like database, programming, multimedia; new standards which may guide you better to launch a website. It is capable to handle both experienced and newer internet users. At present Web monkey acts like a tutorial house and Wikipedia for the web developers. 2. W3 SCHOOLS : W3 schools has constituted itself another depositary of web developing information. It especially gives stress upon many aspects of web programming languages like HTML, Java Script, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JQuery. You will have a vivid experience of code examples and tutorials within this site. The well built forum community of W3 schools can provide more interaction about your relevant topic and social communication. 3. DEV SHED : Dev Shed has proved the fact that the social interaction and sharing can also enrich your knowledge. The enormous conversation regarding web development in the active forum community of Dev Shed will surely bring you an effective path to form a website. The topics basically spines around the various skill levels and technology needs for web developing. 4. SMASHING MAGAZINE : Smashing Magazine is an online journal especially designed for the professional web designers and developers. It was founded in September 2006 and still focusing on useful techniques and best practices of web development. The regular edition and the conversation will make you more upgraded with the modern technologies along with an emphasis on resources, dynamic HTML techniques and design. 5. DEVELOPER TUTORIALS : Developer Tutorial generally provides major languages and multimedia that truly help the newcomers in the field. Developer Tutorial also carries few sections for finding reputable online solutions to meet the basic need of web development. 6. A LIST APART : A List Apart is a magazine which provides various information and tricks for designing and improving web content. According to a survey A List Apart has produced appreciable web contents in the last few years. 7. DZONE : The one of the simplest framework Dzone generally provides cheatsheets, white papers and other editorial articles. This is also a community for the web developers to analyze and invent modern techniques for web development. 8. SITE POINT : Site Point an Australia based company i.e. a framework which is popular as a publisher of books, also provides courses and tips for web developers. The site point market place was launched in 2005 where web developers would outsource different projects and later it had been engaged directly in the process of supporting web developers. 9. AJAXIAN : Another most renowned tutorial is Ajaxian that provides editorials, podcasts, resource links, code examples, blog featuring news, etc. It provides valuable information on different programming languages like Java, .Net, Asp.Net, etc. 10. STACK OVERFLOW : Stack Overflow is a complete collection of question and answers that may arise in your mind while web developing. You may find your queries in the conversation and the same will provide you newer tricks of web development. Actually, it is the flagship site of Stack Exchange Network and is involved with a wide range of topics regarding computer programming. Till April 2014 stack Overflow has around 2,700,000 registered users along with 7,100,000 questions. 11. O'REILLY : An American based media company O’reilly is involved with publication of books on website building and computer technology. The company also produces dev2dev, a web logic oriented site and, an open source community for Java programmers. This company has special stresses over programming languages. 12. IBM DEVELOPER WORKS : This framework is also engaged to manage interaction among web developers. IBM developer works is a clearing house of tutorials and articles related to development topics. They generally produce content of dynamic solutions of web development. There is a lot of learning resources for the web developers on this page. 13. 24 WAYS : 24 Ways is site which basically stresses upon over web development strategies in the month of December, so that one can bring special approach and presentation on New Year. For 24 days of December, it publish a web designing dose and the conversation and responses make the dose ultimate for using. There is a lot of information regarding web development on this site. So, these are the valuable resources for web developing. There is one thing always be kept in mind that you always should prefer the choice that is effective for you. Many developers are using different kind of tools to optimize the web design and presentation. Don’t be puzzled with the many, but chose your friendly one. All the very best for your efforts and refer me your responses.

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