Strategic Google Ad Words Bidding

There is a moral how much you pay, the more you get. The moral truly matches in the field of bidding. It may be an auction of rare goods of a museum or online ad words bidding, the investment will determine your place of exposure. On the world of web the matter is not how much you are expensing to bid a keyword, but it is very important how much you can expose your add. In this article the target is to clear the strategies to be taken to place an ad properly minimizing the expenses. Have a look.

i. Opportunity of Automated Bidding

This process is launched by Google especially for the beginners. If you do not know much about online bidding you will proceed with this. There is no need of expertise or to analyze the conversion rate. This is a money saving process. For example if you bid $2.00 per click and the next highest bid is $ 1.85, then ad words will prefer you with the rate of $1.86 i.e. just above the highest bid. The major negative aspect of automated bidding is that you cannot specify the fixed rate of biding; instead you have to depend upon the competitors’ rate. If you want to lead the way you have to bid the maximum. To go for setting the rate you must opt for manual bidding.

 ii. Be a Top Bidder to be at the Top

The ultimate destiny of such efforts is the top place in Google’s search results. To win your preferred keywords and also to acquire the top place you have to bid quite high than the competitors have made. There is no scope of kind, but the matter is cash. So it is very clear to get the top place, you have pay top dollar. So, you have to get the fact that is not a low cost strategy.

In this strategy, bid prices somehow are not the key factor to success. Suppose you are at the top of bidding and you are getting constant visitors. But your landing page is not satisfactory and customers are getting back. At such situations the low bidders who have quality content may get the successful ROI. So, quality score is another important factor of this strategy to launch a fruitful advertisement. Moreover, you have to keep your site under constant surveillance and if you find your site is slipping from the top place, you have to increase your bid as someone is outbidding you.

 iii. Choose Your Specific Position

The clear fact is that to be the number one you have to handle high budget. So it will not be appreciated by the cost concerned advertisers. This strategy is for the same site owners. If you cannot reach at the top choose a specific location on the top page of the search result. In this strategy the recommended places vary from number 3-6. The top two search results are truly expensive so, you may fix tour position at no 3 or right hand column of the page. If you see that you are decreasing from your specified position try to bid high and if you are getting high position, then try to lower your bid. Moreover try to maintain these specific positions instead of the top with regular monitoring.

 iv. Bidding the Minimum

When there is matter money, everyone wants to save and in business purpose at every step the thing is measured. If you achieve your business goal without expensing much, it will be an effective strategy. In this strategy I am going to discuss the same that should allow you meet your business goal. Always try to bid the minimum when you have the backbone of quality content. If you are resourceful and have good quality ranking, you can get the success by position even at a lower rank and least CPC. This measure is taken generally in manual bidding. Another thing is that by adopting the less popular keywords you may get better result than your competitors.

 v. Fluctuation Strategy  

This is the most effectual one and I also like it most. The image of your ad depends upon the Click through rate or CTR. The trick is very simple. At the beginning you have to bid high to maintain the top position. Whenever you are at the top you will get a better CTR. Here the ROI will be appreciable. Google will determine you a valuable one when you have high quality score. With a high quality score you will get a specific position on the search results. Now as your CTR has increased you can maintain the same position with lower bid.

So, to work out the strategy you have to start the campaign with a bidding rate, but you will surely end up a better fixed position with a lower rate.

vi. Always Bid for Fruitful Keywords

In this strategy you need some analysis about the keywords. At first you have to start the campaign to find out which keywords have the highest conversion rate. This strategy does not highlight on the position of your ad, but how much return you are getting after investment. Calculate the CPC by evaluating a keywords business.

If you are not selling your products and using the ad words only for making image brand, then this strategy should not work. In that case you cannot evaluate the CPC of a keyword as there will be no further data of your business on the basis of ad keywords.

So, these are all about Google’s ad words bidding. Try to measure these in a better way and make your online marketing more fruitful. Whatever you do, try to follow the Google adwords guidelines else your adwords account could be suspended. Do not forget to leave your responses.

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