The All New Algorithm Update of Google - Doorway

Google has just announced to clear its path for algorithm to maintain a better user experience. Earlier it was the time for mobile when mobile friendly factors are included in the algorithm. Businessmen and site owners have well understood that at present mobile is the key of the industry. Now, this is another.

More clearly search market is a little bit confused how to react with such regular update. Most of the search marketers have the opinion that this update is to increase and specify search traffic and not for the user’s interest.

A digital marketer always tries to achieve the maximum visibility for a better exposure. Most of the marketers and developers are trying hard with their extreme effort to place the respective sites in front of new users. So, here the question arises, is it wrong to promote a site for better visibility? If the clients ask the marketers what is the new update Doorway all about? There may be a precise answer. No one knows what Google wants. In this concern the question may arise how Google will determine value. So if there is not any internal link on a site, is not be able to rank at the top? Most of the marketers are eager to add doorway pages to search engine for a better traffic, but the matter of fact is if anyone wants to know about doorway in detail, it will be quite difficult to define. You just think about the matter that without knowing much you have launched some door way pages just for the Google’s algorithm update.

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