The Cost Comparison Shopping Engines

A shopping website is a vertical website which is used to compare or explore new products and their prices. These new shopping engines have diversely constructed the sophisticated way of shopping. In this way one can make better comparison of the products along with their variable prices in different shopping engines. Nowadays the most popular ones are Google shopping, Amazon products ads, eBAY commerce, Become, Nextag, PriceGrabber and many more. Here are some detailed view of these shopping engines which will enhance your and especially for the ecommerce merchant’s and retailer’s knowledge and accessibility:- 1. Google shopping (CPC) : Google shopping formerly known as Google product search allows the buyer to search for products for online shopping. It was invented by Craig Nevill Manning and launched in 2002.It had been introduced as a ‘pay-to-pay’ model and a cost per click program. The main target was to explore the products on the search results according to the listing. The merchants and manufacturer would have to pay Google for their products listing. But, later a controversy arose that the small manufacturing companies and retailers had been unable to bear the high budget. Till now Google is still modifying and updating Google shopping to give the users more satisfaction while transacting. This is the most popular platform to explore the products and Google’s product listing ads generally determine the sales for retailers and manufacturers. 2. PriceGrabber (CPC) : PriceGrabber is another price comparison zone which is effective since 1999. PriceGrabber relates to a wide range of manufacturers, retailers, sellers, merchants to establish their products in a better way and also to give a detailed account of the respective product. It also serves the data source of other shopping websites like iVillage, Comcast, Yahoo, MSN Shopping, Bing Shopping, CNET and many more. It has been placed second to Google for its low costing, least price for CPC bidding model and also for its wideness in click traffic. 3. Amazon Product Ads (CPC): Amazon products Ads, earlier known as Amazon e-commerce service is also one of the most popular price comparison engine shopping site nowadays. It not only prepares the catalogue of different products which are listed, but also play an active role to reduce the distance between seller and the user or buyer. Through Amazon Product Ads many new merchants and retailers are allowed for free API as a promotional task for more publicity and sale. 4. eBay commerce (CPC) : eBay commerce was formerly known as GSI commerce is one of the specialized online shopping sites which also provides the services like a variety of marketing, consumer engagement, customer care, payment processing, fulfillment, fraud detection, and technology integration services. It has a wider merchant listing and according to the market response, it is, eBay commerce is one of the best flexible sites with category level bids and most remarkably it also receives exposure on Google listings. 5. Nextag (CPC) : Nextag is another independent price comparison site with a user of around 30 million+ among them almost 80% is unique. This is the reason why Nextag determines itself as the most renowned price comparison site. Nextag includes diverse product listing including tickets, real estate, and travel plans and many more. 6. Bing Product Ads (CPC): Bing Product Ads is another cost per click price comparison site. It is earlier known as Microsoft ad Center and acts the same as Google shopping. It has the strategy of more advertising and more sales per click. Bing Product Ads always stress upon the better presentation of the product .i.e. product details and image. There is also a large amount of merchant listing in Bing Product Ads. 7. Become (CPC) : Become is the shopping buzz. It generally emphasizes on detailed analysis of a product .i.e. expert reviews, consumer reviews, articles, buying guides, and forums. Earlier it was not much popular but as days passed it has beaten several price comparison sites in the market. Become, a tiny shopping engine has remarkable traffic at present which is the major reason of attraction of the merchants. 8. Shopzilla (CPC): Shopzilla also belong to the listing of famous price comparison sites. It provides easier bidding tools and allows retailers to lowest bid. Having it’s headquarter in West Los Angeles, this site is most popular in USA, UK Germany and many more countries. Remarkably this the third highest revenue producer among the shopping engines. 9. Wal-Mart (CPC): Wal-mart has also built an appreciable approach in the world of online shopping. It generally emphasizes on retail goods publishing. Along with its own diverse products, it has also included small merchants and retailers to explore the difference of price and quality. 10.Pronto (CPC): Pronto is another price comparison service which was founded in 2005. At present it has made a better appearance in the world of online shopping. Pronto includes all kinds of merchants including smaller retailers. The main feature of this site is that it always highlights the variable prices of the same product in different shopping engines. The main intention of the content is to amplify knowledge of the ecommerce merchants and retailers to optimize their service and sale. It may also help the users, interested in ecommerce.

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