The Latest ‘Real Time Look’ Feature of Google Maps for the iOS Version is Life Changing

The Latest ‘Real Time Look’ Feature of Google Maps for the iOS Version is Life Changing

Google maps have some astonishing features but the new ‘real time look’ feature for the iOS version of the app has taken it to a new level. This amazing feature has been launched to display people the current state of a location. This feature helps people to show how busy the desired destination is during the time of checking. Now, the users can obtain this brand new feature of the app only for the iOS version of the application. The website development companies in India focus on several aspects to provide people a smooth experience in this particular field.

The Google has always been a key anchor while guiding people to the desired destination but the new ‘real time look’ feature is going to set a new standard. The ‘Popular times’ characteristic was added to the Google search and map in the last November.  If the iPhone users update the Google maps of the phone then it will enable people the busy state of the user’s destination. This extraordinary feature was available in the web search earlier but the Apple users can easily avail this service with the newest update. The app might not exactly show how busy a place is but it will display how much time people spend on average at that destination in every single visit. This excellent feature gives the users more confidence and knowledge before visiting the place.

Google Map

Google added an innovative brand new feature in last November which is known as ‘Popular Times’, this is also known as crowd control feature. With this feature, the users can get real time experience through the app. There are many things in details you can find in your destination with this amazing feature such as servicing centers, good restaurants locally, medicine shops, stores for the grocery, supermarket and much more.

The real time look feature is totally ideal for the metropolitan areas, there are several things that can be covered under this extraordinary feature such as:

  •    The destinations can be seen in details with the address
  •    Schedule is available easily
  •    Various details of services and products
  •    The phone numbers are provided that can be quite handy for the users
  •    The URL of the website can be found without hassle
  •    There is edit suggestion
  •    Current update if your destination is busy or not
  •    Spending of average time can be seen

So, the iOS users  no more need to use the old version of Google maps, they just have to visit the iOS App store to obtain the new and useful  ‘Real time look’ feature.

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