The Necessity of Google Disavow Tool and its Uses

At present the value of back links is clear to everyone. More sites make a link to your site and it gives health to your ranking. The matter is that the linked sites should be relevant to your product or service. If not there will be a bad impact on ranking. Another problematic issue is that if your site contains gambling or porn site, Google will penalize you. To avoid these irrelevant links Google has introduced Disavow tool. This is the way you can instruct Google not to count the unnecessary URLs in the indexing of your website. To implement this, the first step is to make a text file and to include all such URLs. Then, it will have to be sent to Google as a reference. When you are going to access the Disavow tool, there will be certain warnings from Google. The reason of the alert message is that the program has been structured in an advanced way and if they are not used properly, the respective site may experience a bad impact. Moreover, before you disavow any back link, analyze the same very carefully that the back link is highly spammy and irrelevant to your site. Google guides to remove such links first and then disavow them. So, these are all about the beginning of Disavow tool. Now discover the process and benefits of using the same.  
  •  The Factors should be kept in Mind
I want to make you know some vital aspects of accessing Disavow tool. Though Google has already structured the program in such a way that you can know about these at the very beginning. Here is the elaborate discussion. i. How to Create the Disavow text file This is the one n only vital measure that you have to operate. You have to make a presentable text file to inform Google not to count the offended sites in the indexing of your site. Just have a look on the following steps and make the letter.
  • It must be a text file encoded in UTF 8 or ASCII 7 bit.
  • Domain or link name should be clear and presentable.
  • One link should have to be placed on a single line.
  • Do not forget to mention the domain name of each link you are providing.
  Here is a snap which will make the picture more transparent to understand.


 ii. When You should Enlist the Offended Link There is strong recommendation to try the removal of the offended links first. But, how can you? It is very simple. At first specify all such links which are headache for your site. Make a searching campaign on the sites to get a contact form or Email. Then contact the webmaster to remove the channel with your site. If no action found, do not panic. Wait about a week then send the same message repeatedly to the webmaster. Finally if you find there is no positive outcome, get access to Disavow tool.  iii. Some Tips to Follow Accuracy After you have prepared the list i.e. the.txt file, it is time to send Google for consideration. There is an easy process of submission. Just follow the few steps.
  • First log in to your Google account
  • Access to the Disavow tool
  • Click on “Disavow links”
  • Choose the .txt file
  • Click on submit
It may take more time to be considered by Google, probably few months. So, don’t be panic after reviewing of the offended links they will be removed from your base. As the data is refreshed in various algorithms, the delay occurs.
  • Benefits of Using Disavow Tool
 The more accurate term may be ‘reasons’ instead of ‘benefits’. Why you should use Disavow tool. There are certain reasons behind. Just look.
  • You must have to use Google Disavow tool if you have received warnings to be penalized by Google regarding site links.
  • You may use the Disavow tool to keep your site under strong surveillance that should help to remove the offend links form your site links.
  • Use the Disavow tool if you have an algorithmic problem.
  So these are all about your site safety from spam and bounced links. According to Matt Cutts, “consider the Disavow tool as a matter of routine link auditing”. It is very true that the link profile of a site is the most important asset of SEO. So, you must have to make it more secure and safe. To follow the same you must need regular audits. So use the Disavow tool in a better manner and assure your ranking dividends for years to come. Share what you have found here and leave responses.

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