The Rising Standard of Traffic Source - Social Media

There was a time, when a user only depended upon Google to find his/her related searches; hence it was the basic and overall source of online traffic. With the spinning time the portrait has changed. At present the social networking sites have taken the instantaneous place with Google. The term has quietly changed from search to social. In last five years there has been a remarkable change i.e. up gradation of trafficking in the social sites. This is why people have found these social sites more efficient where time and resources will be well spent. When it comes for referral on traffic from social networks it is Facebook which has acquired the peak place. The other networking sites like networking sites like Facebook, You tube, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Twitter and Reddit are also on the way for more social traffic. Here is a stat that will make the fact more clear of increasing traffic from these social sites. 1. Facebook: - At the time of launching it had hardly attracted the users as the time was for Orkut. Besides this, it was the very beginning of a new era. So, people took certain time to understand and also to become familiar with the new applications. As the days passed the picture has started to change. The time to time updates and group sharing has connected billion of people at a glance on Facebook. At present one can get the daily news and day to day to update while surfing this site. All these have made this social site more popular to be one of the trafficking sources. According to a report Facebook share of traffic has grown 24.63% in 2014 from 6.53% in 2011. For practical instance American users have increase their spending time on Facebook from 15.5 minutes par day to 42.1 minutes par day. 2. Pinterest: - It may be surprising to consider that Pinterest beats twitter and have acquired the rank just after Facebook. Pinterest’s share grew around 684.86% from .65% in 2011 to 5.06% in 2014. 3. StumbleUpon: - There’s no surprise that Facebook and Pinterest are driving strong referrals, with the former being the world’s largest social network and the latter frequently being talked up these days a major driver of web traffic that is StumbleUpon. However, it may be surprising to observe such a strong showing from StumbleUpon, which rarely makes headlines by comparison to these top ranking sites. According to a short survey the growth is quite remarkable that is from .56% in September 2013 to .86% in December 2013 around 54.36%. The most remarkable factor is that StumbleUpon always carry quality visitors who are seekers of more knowledge hence these people always prefer to check the written content information and quality rather than image or video attraction. 4. Twitter: - Another famous social networking site is twitter. Till the launch it has carried a sustainable growth of traffic source. There is a lot of stats and analysis about twitter traffic. At present Twitter has a monthly visitor of around 1.35 million. 5. You tube: - There was a time when you tube has the remarkable traffic source capacity relating to video search, but according to recent analysis Face book’s auto-played videos have reduced the traffic. 6. LinkedIn: - Linked In has proved as another efficient staff for social traffic especially the mobile users. The new ad ons like redesigning member profiles, improvement of the mobile ecosystem and publisher network, strengthening jobs listings and foraying into newer geographies have invited more traffic and hence more growth in traffic. In a stat the present cumulative members are around 332 million. It is quite natural because a Linked In group can share anything among billions at a glance. 7. Reddit: - In 2013 Reddit has Experienced 731 million unique visitors which is definitely a good sign of social site trafficking. After the measurement of overall data in Reddit it is very prominent that the shareaholic’s data covers around 200,000 sites having 250 million plus unique visitors per month. Another thing is that most of the news organization and business insiders consider it as a source of news rather than a traffic source. Search and Social are quite related factor, as the more spending time of the people on these social sites results into more sharing of links/ clicks which is leading the searching process one step advanced. This is the estimate of trafficking from the social sites. The most important factor is to highlight that the transformation still continues. Earlier it was search to social and from the other social sites to Facebook. Day by day the social networking sites including Linked In and Twitter is losing traffic except Facebook. So, it can be imagined the social fond people have found something new or familiar. The current statistics has proved the same in favor of Facebook, but overall trafficking from these social sites is constant hence increasing.

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