The Strategies PR and the Chase of SEO

The field of marketing is quite dynamic as well as the trends. The trends that have proved profitable only sustain in the market. Besides that those should be easily adaptable. There is no doubt that SEO is always chasing Public relations by implementing press releases. The content marketing has proved the same as all the contents are optimized for a stronghold of Public Relations. According to most of the industry analysts SEO and PR is the same industry. One thing is quietly weaved with the other. There must be special strategy of Public Relations in the Search Engine Optimization process. In the SEO process, the chapter of PR is solely dependent upon landing coverage. Google generally place the page rank on the basis of back linking. If Google provides the link as a trusted one, there will be assured increase on its own search ranking. Google is always changing its algorithm to detect the quality of source and there are also several measures. A press release or a content post on a reputed site may bring a better popularity and ranking to your site. Google always verify the incoming traffic or its algorithm tries to find out the practical relation between the two sites. How much traffic will come to your site through the reference, you will have more achievement. In the modern and digital era public relation has changed its view. Such sharing or posting of digital contents on other trusted and reputed sites may gather more and more audience and the publish may reach to a wider range. Most prominently SEO is taking the full opportunity of such press releases and public relations. Moreover, it is all about the public grievances. The strategy behind this has found the least important. There are certain international business sites that are ready to interact with you for a better exposure. So, guest blogging on such sites and the link building have brought the new edge of SEO. In case of a press release, one should have to be more strategic and serious about quality content. As, there are many places to spend your pound for the optimization process. People have become, more advanced and digital that they need the most unique one in a better way. At the end I want to warn the Press release people to be aware of the industry’s demand. The industry always likes to run in its own dynamic way and rules and in this concern the rules are linked with Google’s own algorithm and advertising channels. So these are the common aspects of PR that is chased by SEO for a better publication of a website. I want know your concerns. So, do not forget to leave your comments.

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