Top 2017 Website Optimization Practices for Mobile Audiences

Top 2017 Website Optimization Practices for Mobile Audiences

Today, the world has become a digital podium. Everyone is now going digital for all their works whether personal or professional. An increased amount of usage of the digital platform is progressively raising the dependence on mobile devices. Now people are more randomly using the mobile devices for searching something on the web as compared to laptops and computers. With the phenomenal growth of technology, the mobile devices are made more tech-friendly with many added smart features that has made accessing the web from mobile devices much convenient for the people.

In this smart digital world, it is essential for a business to be smarter in its outlook towards website optimization for mobile devices. If you are willing to engage greater number of audiences into your website, then you should adapt yourself to the constant changes in the usage of the digital platform. These days, millions of people are accessing the web using smartphones, iOS, android, windows, etc., that makes it necessary for the business to use mobile SEO for appropriately targeting the mobile audiences.

As per Google, greater number of searches is made on mobile devices as compared to any other device category. Due to this reason, Google has indicated mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in April, 2015. Google has announced the indexing of mobile first on November, 2016. So, now in 2017, it has become very important for the businesses to optimize their website in a mobile friendly manner. The top SEO consulting companies in India use intelligent programmatic solutions to make the website user-friendly for mobile devices. Covering the mobile audiences while optimizing the website is essential to engage potential number of customers and acquire greater amount of sales for the business.

Mobile Audiences

For making the website more user-friendly for mobile audiences, it is important to consider proper mobile SEO practices. Mobile SEO is an optimization procedure that makes a website suitable for viewing on mobile devices of different screen size and load times. The most important above all is that it should show up in the Google search results. If your website is properly optimized on the search engines, then it should not be a problem for business to optimize the same for mobile devices.

You can optimize the website for mobile devices in mainly three major ways, such as,

  • Choose a mobile configuration
  Choosing a mobile configuration depends on three different factors like:  
  • Responsive Website Design

Responsive website designing is the easiest method of all configurations and is very simple to implement. Top search engines like Google recommends responsive website design. This mobile configuration system delivers HTML code on the same URL.

  • Dynamic Serving

In this mobile configuration system, the URL of your website remains same but serves to different HTML codes, when accessed from the mobile device.

  • Separate URLs

In separate URLs mobile configuration structure, one has to maintain two distinct URLs for mobile and desktop users. Apart from this, the webmaster should be properly informed about when to serve which version. Google does not need a separate URL because it can automatically detect that your mobile pages are different from desktop pages.

  • Inform Google and other major search engines

For proper mobile device optimization, it is necessary that Google and other search engines understand the mobile configuration system. Google requires understanding your page for ranking your website, appropriately. The type of your mobile device configuration help Google analyzes the website’s mobile configuration.

  • Avoid making common mistakes

Mobile search algorithms are completely different from the desktop search. In this present competitive digital world, one should not miss out on mobile searches if aspire to achieve progressive results in business. While optimizing a website for mobile searches, one should consider following some important rules, like:

  • One should use shorter key phrases/ keywords, when optimizing website for mobile searches
  • Should focus on local stuff as mobile users majorly search local topics
  • In mobile searches, the top 10 are actually top 4
  • Should adequately promote the mobile-friendly website
  • While optimizing for mobile searches, one should avoid using long pages

Mobile device optimization plays a very important role in 2017.  If you successfully optimize this algorithm, then you business is surely going to attract a lot many visitors and prospective leads.

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