Top 3 Tips How Your Content Team Should Work In Collaboration with the SEO Department

Top 3 Tips How Your Content Team Should Work In Collaboration with the SEO Department

The growth in content marketing in the present era has created a permanent shift in the manner in which marketers view SEO. Nowadays, marketers rather than opting for a purely technical approach to link building are expanding their services to quality content production and promotion as a way of supplementing the other ongoing website optimization efforts. The effective usage of content marketing practices in collaboration with SEO has certainly help online marketers to boost their efficiency for ranking a website on the top results of the search engines. The Top SEO consulting firms in India understand the importance of content marketing in the present digital marketing landscape and so use it as an effective technique to supplement their other search engine optimization practices.

Content marketing hasn’t altered SEO as the practice of search engine optimization is signified through several technical SEO elements separate from content marketing. In fact, content marketing is added up with the practice of SEO, which together makes the efforts of digital marketing highly effective.

Content marketing and SEO have two different goals, which together very effectively helps the websites to rank higher on the top results of the popular search engines. The practice of SEO primarily aims to improve the visibility of the website on the search engines while content marketing covers goals like creation of new acquisitions, lead nurturing, PR, social engagement boosts, customer service, and many more.

SEO and Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique focused on creating and distributing valuable, consistent, and relevant content to grab and retain the attention of a clearly defined audience that ultimately helps to drive profitable customer action.”

Through the practice of content marketing an online business seek to generate leads through engaging contents relevant to their service.

Main Goals of Content Marketing are:
  • Increased sales for the online business
  • Cost savings
  • Higher customer loyalty
What is SEO?

“SEO is a practice of optimizing a website organically to rank it higher on the top results of the major search engine channels like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.”

Through effective search engine optimization practices, a website acquires more visibility in the search engines, acquire more traffic, and generate more leads for the business.

Tips to Make Both Content Marketing and SEO Play Together Collaboratively

Online Marketers looking for the best practices to leverage content marketing and SEO should examine the methods in which the two of these important online marketing and promotion techniques intersect. To do that check out these top 3 tips to make content marketing and SEO play together effectively.

  1. Find a Balance in Quantity and Quality

Finding a balance between quantity and quality is very important to get the most effective online marketing outcomes. Many times, finding balance between these two is found very difficult. The SEO team often emphasizes more on the quantity of the contents whereas the content team remains more focused on the quality of the contents. The contradiction between the two core online marketing teams makes the balance imperfect sometimes. In such situations, one should source out measurable ways to keep a balance between the two aspects of quality and quantity to get effective results.

Creation of high-quality contents produced at a steady, consistent, and measurable pace will prompt more traffic, engagement, and backlinks.

  1. Incorporate Keywords

Incorporating Keyword, search terms or phrases is very common in content marketing. The SEO team to acquire effective results pushes the content writers to insert the key search terms in their contents so to obtain effective results. But the writers often feel the need and importance of making the contents flow naturally to readers. However, to get results certain amount of keyword incorporation is necessary. So, it will be nice if the content writers understand the need of keyword insertion and at the same time retain the ability to insert those phrases naturally to keep the content genuine and informative for the readers while making it useful for effective SEO practices.

  1. Focus on Unique Content Creation Subject to Latest Industry Topics

This is another most important factor that needs to be considered while creation and optimization of contents. Creating contents on the latest topics of the industry help drive in more traffic that in turn results to higher visibility of the website.  This makes the optimization more objective.

Thus, a collaborative content creation and SEO practice makes digital marketing a highly effective way to drive in more leads for the business.

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