Top 7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Driving Potential Visitors Away

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Driving Potential Visitors Away

In this highly competitive digital marketing era, a well-designed and updated website plays a key role in driving traffic and generating potential leads for the business. A Website is the primary element that attracts visitor’s attention. It is often seen that a great number of marketers are spending countless hours in making a website highly informative and appealing. However, despite their constant attempts to increase the visibility of the website among the online users, they face random bounce rates and reduced number of traffic. This kind of situations makes it difficult to cope up with the current competitive environment of the digital world leading to huge level of loses.

It is often regarded that the digital platform is one of the most tricky places to achieve success. So, the companies striving to acquire better results in digital marketing platform prefer taking the assistance of the expert digital marketing companies to acquire a better visibility on the online platform. For achieving a better position on the top SERP results, businesses often take the assistance of the professional SEO firms. The SEO experts have the expertise and skills to handle all kinds of complexities in the web world appropriately and provide a business acquire better ranking on the top SERP results with competent optimization processes. These days, there are many reputed SEO consulting companies in India, which provide extremely competent optimization services that helps the website rank better on the popular search engines.

Despite of various attempt, many times it happens that the website experiences high bounce rates and less number of traffic. Looking into the growing rate of visitors driving potential visitors away, here is a list of some reasons that are categorized below, which might be the reason that your website is experiencing high bounce rate and low website traffic.


So, the top seven reasons that your website is driving potential visitors away are as follows:
  • Complicated Website Structure

When a visitor enters a website, it is very important that it is easily understandable by the visitor. If the website comprises complicated structure, then the visitor will leave the website and may go to the competitor’s site. So, it is necessary that your website has easy-to-understand website structure.

  • Too Lengthy Content

Content is the most important element to engage customers in a website. However, a lengthy content may become boring for the reader and drive visitors away from the website. A highly engaging content is the one that is created using bullets and keeping the length of the content shorter.

  • Not Properly Directed to the Target Visitors

For engaging customers in the digital platform, it is first needed that you properly target customers on the internet. To target customers, it is essential that you do not use any complicated term and enable your customers feel related to you.

  • Disordered Navigation

In order to grab the attention of the potential visitors, your website design should be created user-friendly and easily navigable. An easy to read and understand format helps to grab the attention of the potential visitors into the website. If you website is complexly structured, then your potential visitors are more likely to leave.

  • Numerous Popups

Too many popups often annoy the visitors and lead to potential visitors driving away from the website.

  • Slow-Loading Page

If it takes a huge time for your content to load, then your potential visitors are more likely to leave the webpage and go for a site with faster loading speed. You must be surely optimizing your hosting platform to acquire huge web traffic.

  • Excessive Information Demanded in the Form

When you ask your visitors to fill up their information in a form, then you should give them something in return to encourage people turn around your website. Try to keep the form shorter so as to avoid visitors from getting annoyed and leave right away.

Engaging potential visitors is hard. So, if your website is facing an increased number of visitors driving away, then you should consider looking into these points to stop potential customers from getting away.

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