Tweets Indexation of Google has Reached at only 3.4%


On the basis of the announcement made by Google in earlier January 2015, it has been predicted that all the tweets will be searchable and can be found on SERP.

Now, almost half a year has been passed and according to the study of Stone Temple Consulting, the indexation has reached to only 3.4%, so why the rest of the 96% is omitted?

It is very possible that till now Google is at a testing period and hopefully it is engaged with a research how the indexations will be filtered. According to Eric Enge, one of the spokesperson of STC the fact is quite same as mentioned.

Another clarification may be like it is a great task to index world’s entire tweets within a short period of time. Even, for the largest search giant like Google has also some limits. Moreover, Google is still experimenting for an effective way for the whole task.

Is Google Going with Priority Indexing?

There is no doubt that from the earlier amount of indexation, there is an increase of around 466% from .6% to 3.4% within few months. It may be possible that Google is trying getting tweets from authority and prioritized figures and that may be the reason that the process is facing the slowdown. However, on the basis of the earlier announcement we can say that searchable tweets on SERP will be available soon.


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