Uses and Impact of Hash Tags on Social Media Networks

In most of the Social Sites the uses of hash tags have become most common to highlight a post on a specified matter. Social Media has become the easiest channel for communication and the hash tags have brought more handy skill to search anything on the same. If a user is finding something using hash tags, he/she will get all the hash tagged words and phrases. This article will show you how the hash tags have become a prominent part of the social media networks. To start the discussion first I am throwing some light over what a hash tag is. Have look:-

On hearing the word hash tag, the initial image which is formed in our mind is a symbol like #. It is also the same, but the difference lies in its placement. In the world of social media it means to use a hash tag at the very starting of a word or phrase to identify a key word or topic of interest that will make an easier effort to find it. The user, searching with a hash tag, will be brought to page where all the hash tagged word and topics are placed. In the vast archives of the social media hash tag has brought the revolution of easier search. The hash tag was used for the first time by Chris Messina, a former Google employee who used to work as a designer on Google+. This was the beginning and now the change is discoverable to everyone. So, now it is the time to elaborate the status of hash tags on social media.
  •  How to Use and Create Your Hash Tag?
In a social post it is very easy to use a hash tag. Just put the symbol at the beginning and the message will start without following a space or punctuation. In some cases numerical are used. The uses of hash tag are most popular in Twitter. If you deserve to form your own, simply type a phrase according to the above mentioned manner and click on “Tweet”. Now your tweet will appear on the list of tweets highlighted in blue color. Now, if anyone includes you tag in a post, it will be added to your page. If you opt to use an existing hash tag, just make sure there is no mismatch of spelling with the previous one. You may use different cases may be the small ones or upper ones, that should not be a matter. But the structure should be the same. There will be same results of using these like #soUp, #Soup or #sOuP. Using your own hash tag will have a better and will start trending among the circle of your followers.


  •  Advertising through Trendy Hash Tags :
You can take the opportunity to advertise your post or tweet by the common hash tags which are trendy and in most of use category. At the very first you have to specify relevant tweets that should match with your post. Suppose you are about to tweet about a saving gel. You can use the famous saving gel company’s hash tags to promote your post.
  • Tracking and Analytics of Hash Tags :
When you are using hash tags to promote your brand, try to find the keywords and hash tags related to you. By using these hash tags you will be able to track the tweets, re-tweets, social reach, and favorites in the respective tag.  
  • How Hash Tag Works on Different Social Sites :
In most of the social networking sites, hash tags are used to make the communication and search process easier, but each of the sites has their own manners of using this. These information will help you out where to use hash tags and where to not. Have a look on the following:-

i. Facebook : If you click on a hash tag on Facebook, you will be brought to a page where all the hash tag posts reside. Here Facebook will show you the leading trendy hash tags, from which you can choose your relevant one. In Facebook searching of hash tags will be quite different. If searching for #Miami, you will be brought to another Facebook page, instead of showing search results. The supported characters are letters, numbers and underscore.

ii. Twitter : Hash tag is the brain child of Twitter and it is the most popular one to use hash tags. If you make a glance on a tweeter page you can see that at every post there is a vivid uses of hash tag. In Twitter there are many ways to find hash tags related to variable subjects that you are interested in. The “Trend” sidebar on the left help you find the hash tags which are currently popular on Tweeter. You may visit the Tweeter feeds of people, that you are following and the same will be quite interesting and informative for you. The supported characters are letters, numbers and underscore.

iii. Instagram : Hash tagging on Instagram is famous for picture tagging. If you have posted an image and wish to find the similar ones, just make a hash tag of the same and you will find many references. The supported characters are letters, numbers and underscore. There is a limitation of using maximum 30 hash tags per update. At present the two fields like hash tag games and location are much popular and effective in Instagram.

iv.Pinterest : The effectiveness of hash tags is limited to find keywords only in Pinterest. So, it is very clear to find a content you have to depend upon keywords, but not the hash tags. The supported characters are letters, numbers and underscore. There is no limitation of adding hash tags per update like Instagram.

v. You tube : It is very common why you tube is famous for. Using hash tags in comments and titles you go through the pages which are relevant to the same.   vi. Google+ : In Google+ you can add unlimited numbers of hash tags as there is no limit specified. The only rule is that you cannot use space. The characters like letters, numbers, and symbols are applicable, but the problem is that Google+ will omit them form the hash tags. Usually Google is the king of all. So, it is very easy to find your relevant search among the plentiful archives and share them. Another thing I want to include is that specific hash tags does not work well in Google+ in comparison to Instagram or Twitter. The preferred characters are letters, numbers and underscore and preferably brackets.

 vii.Tumblr : In case of Tumblr you need not worry about hash tag. Whenever you are posting anything there will be a space at the bottom to write something. After you write anything about the post, Tumblr will automatically add hash tag to the same.

viii. Kickstarter : In Kickstarter you will be able to find relevant post by launching your own hash tag phrase. ix. Vine : It has the variable functionality to use hash tags. It is a company related to the creator of hash tags. If you add anything on vine’s description using hash tag, the relevant searches will visible on Vine.

x. Flickr : If you click on a Flicker tag you will be provided only link letters and numbers. Among the relevant searches, there are categories that you can choose. The categories are like “Default”, “Most interesting”, etc. By using hash tag searches in Flickr, you will get relevant searches regarding comments and images. Initially hash tags on this site will help you sort your updates and increase your following.


So, to conclude it must have to say that hash tag which was introduced as a minor thing, has now used in almost each every key press. Try to use these follow ups and make more efficient posts on the social sites to promote your brand or product to a wider extent of people. Do not forget to leave your responses.

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