What Are the 12 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Fans?

What Are the 12 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Fans?

Facebook is the most popular and effective social media platform that can engage a great number of online target audiences. Facebook audience engagement means any activity of the visitors when they see your page or post, such as like, comment, and share. It also includes checking in to your location or tagging people in your post. Audience engagement matters because it can boost the organic reach based on the Facebook algorithm. Regular impactful posts and emotional involvement with the target audience are the heart of successful social media marketing.

Attracting engagement is crucial for the visibility of your posts in the Facebook news feed. Last year Facebook announced impactful changes to the news feed algorithm, prioritizing posts from family and friends. Facebook made it clear, “posts that inspire back-and-forth discussion in the comments and posts that would encourage you to share or react to”  from now on will get more visibility in the news feed.

Facebook Page Fans

Let’s have a look at what works for you now:

  • Tip 1# Know Your Audience

However, for most of the businesses, the ultimate goal is to have their posts shared as the content (product, service, and business name) will reach a whole new audience and the sharing itself supports endorsement or social proof of the post.

Facebook provides an in-depth analysis of the activities on your Facebook business page, which you can see on the Page Insights tab. You can also check the time that your audience is mostly online. You can meticulously use the information to plan your posts and posting schedule.

  • Tip 2# Inspire, Entertain and Inform

The Facebook audience is not interested in the sales pitch, and they will surely not engage in such posts. Craft the content in a way that will be thought-provoking that can improve their lives in some. A post that can bring a smile on the visitors’ faces can be highly engaging.

Images speak louder than words

It is a known fact, right! It is apt for Facebook posts too. Posts with high-quality images get more likes and high engagement. A simple shot taken from your mobile will also be effective in grabbing the attention of the visitors, you don’t need photography equipment.

  • Tip 3# Videos or Broadcasting Live are the Features that Interest most of the Viewers

In the case of a business, explaining a technical process with words can be boring for the viewers, whereas a video can to it in an attractive way.  Video posts can engage even more audiences than a post with images. It can make your post go viral. Live videos claim the highest engagement of all, getting six times more interaction than the general video posts.

  • Tip 4# Content is Always a Decisive Part

Try to create a story with emotional content. There’s no denying that marketing and storytelling are a great match. Using it on your Facebook page tugs at the heartstrings and encourages more engagement and shares. Don’t make it long, craft s simple story relevant to your customers. The long-trusted way still works - happy endings attract masses and results in a huge number of likes.

  • Tip 5# Create Facebook Groups or Join Relevant Groups

Creating a group can be the best place to share your posts made directly on your Facebook business page. You can find genuinely interested people in your industry and community. The relevant groups have like-minded people who look for the product or services you offer.

  • Tip 6# Quick Reply to the Fans

If someone invests time in commenting on your Facebook posts, ascertain that you reply as quickly as possible. The feeling of being ignored will make the fan uninterested, whereas the fans who comment expect your reply and can be converted to a potential customer. Ensure that your team responds to all comments.

When you use Facebook Messenger for your business, you can get a Very Responsive badge. This assures the fans that you respond to them quickly.

  • Tip 7# Post Regularly

As the Facebook News Feed depends on an algorithm, your fans or probable customers can’t see your content instantly when posted. Still, the time of posting is one of the criterions for the facebook algorithm. And Facebook itself will notify your fans if you post when your fans are online.

  • Tip 8# Tap into Right Timings for Posts

The more engagement your post gets, you have a better chance of Facebook’s algorithm to reward it with greater reach. By posting when your fans or potential customers are online, you definitely increase the chance of getting more likes and comments. You can learn when your fans are online by analyzing the page insights.

  • Tip 9# Quality Facebook Ad Campaigns can Result in Qualified Leads

On your Facebook page, you can advertise ads that will be seen on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger and even in the audience network outside of Facebook. You can craft various types of ads from your page directly. You can certainly get qualified leads and sales from a quality score maintained ad.

  • Tip 10# Boost your Post

You can boost one of the most liked posts that you have created from your Page. To make people see your post and increase the engagement, you can get from that post.

You can boost a post to fetch people to your website. The post must have a call-to-action button that enables people to go to a specific page on your website. This is an effective choice for people looking to get more views for their website or to send people to a particular landing page with discounts and offers. The target is only to raise the number of fans. You can run an ad customized for that goal.

  • Tip 11#Tap into Facebook Stories

Facebook stories appear on the top of the News Feed just like Instagram Stories. It’s an amazing way to attract views for your content though it is an informal way, it can bring high engagement and a strong personal connection with fans.

  • Tip 12# Implement a Call-to-Action Button

A call-to-action button allows people to engage beyond liking, sharing and commenting. These CTA buttons can have texts like:

Book an appointment

Watch a video

Click through to your website

Shop your products

see your offers

Having a prominent business presence on Facebook is the need of the hour, which will increase the popularity of your brand, product, and service. With more likes from the fans, you get more business recognition and sales.

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