What Are the Five Things That You Should Know About Instagram Advertising?

What Are the Five Things That You Should Know About Instagram Advertising?

While you operate your business online, it is very important that you pay sufficient amount of attention on the various social sharing systems. There are many social sharing channels that most of the online businesses use to market their products and services among the online users. One of such social sharing channel is Instagram. Instagram apart from being a simple photo-sharing platform is also a very significant social sharing channel for online marketers. It is widely seen that top digital marketing companies in India use Instagram for advertising their products and services among the online users. At present, Instagram is ranked as one of the most valuable social sharing channels on the digital platform. In fact, this platform is currently having more than 600 million monthly active users that made it an all-in-one platform for small businesses and startups.

Instagram having an astounding amount of engaging power is one of the most powerful social channels used by small enterprises or startup companies. One of the newest additions within this social sharing platform that is acquiring huge amount of popularity from the online marketers is social ads. This new social sharing platform offers paid placements for all its users.

Advertising on Instagram

To get an in-depth insight about Instagram advertising, let’s take a look at the five most significant things that one should know about Instagram advertising.

Instagram advertisements are a little different than Facebook advertisements, twitter advertisements, etc. Here are the five most important things that you should know about Instagram ads:

  • Instagram provide multiple advertisement formats

On Instagram, one can advertise their products and services via images, videos, etc. In case, you opt for Instagram video advertisement, you are provided with 30 seconds to market your products and services among the online users. In simple terms, this sort of advertisement is very effective in marketing the products and services of a business among the online audiences.

  • Instagram changes its algorithms to favor visitor engagement

This is a unique feature of Instagram advertisements that allows the best engaging ads to rank better than the low-engagement ads. This feature plays a critical role in displaying ads among the online users.

  • Instagram enables Facebook-level targeting

Instagram audience targeting system is very accurate, similar to that of Facebook. You can very intelligently target your Instagram ads as per the gender, location, age, etc.

  • Instagram advertisements offer direct CTA buttons

Driving engagement on social media advertisements is a very challenging task. However, with Instagram advertisements Call-to-action (CTA) buttons, you are able to very effectively engage visitors into your advertisements. The CTA buttons revolves around the advertisement offers and help set visitors into action.

  • Instagram advertisements are not only for visual brands

Even if your brand or business is not highly visual, Instagram advertisements may be the ideal one for you to engage online customers. This platform helps you acquire more traffic and enable expand your brand's reach.

Instagram Advertisement has made it simple to engage more number of online users

Using the Instagram platform should be the ideal choice for you, if you are willing to make your digital identity prominent among the online audiences. This platform in addition of offering more visitor engagement also provides unique opportunity to marketers for including CTAs with their ads that target each of the offers of the advertisement to the specific audiences.

Thus, if you are looking to opt for a successful social media marketing campaign, then Instagram advertisement should be the best choice for you to acquire more visitor engagement and better brand reachability.

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