What is the Best Way to Create Meta Descriptions According to Google?

What is the Best Way to Create Meta Descriptions According to Google?

The Meta description is a tag of HTML, a snippet, which describes a page's content.  The Meta description will then appear under your page's URL in the search results. Google has released some recommendations regarding how to create better Meta descriptions for search results. In addition, Google is doing its part to improve meta descriptions by making a notable update to how they are rendered.

After deciding which information is to display in the snippet as a search result, Google first turns the content within the page and extracts the relevant information from that. If the page's content is not the most relevant source as on the user's query, then Google will turn the manually written Meta description to display in search snippet. In previous day, when the page content was not a much relevant source to generate a snippet, and if there was no meta description, then Google pulled information from DMOZ. As DMOZ is now closed, Google has stopped to rely on the web directory to generate snippets.

Meta Descriptions

As we said, it becomes more important for site owners to write a good Meta description. Good Meta descriptions are one kind of short blurb which accurately summarizes the content of the page; convince the user that the page exactly contains what they are looking for. The top SEO companies in India always try to create or redesign better Meta descriptions, keeping in mind that the search engine should be friendly design.

The sites owners always need to keep in mind that not using the same Meta descriptions for all pages across the site, or avoid low-quality Meta descriptions. Technically, there is no character limit for Meta description, but it should be shortened to fit with the width of the device they are being viewed.

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