What will you Chose between HTML and WordPress for Building your Website?

Whenever you are going structure a site, there are a lot of matters to be considered. There was a time when HTML coding is the base of a website. Later, the introduction of advanced platforms has changed the theory. There is no doubt that both HTML and WordPress have advantages as well as disadvantages. You must evaluate the both before starting the campaign.

The effectiveness and outcome of a site basically depend upon the following factors:
  • SEO
  • Updates
  • Bandwidth
  • Plug-ins
  • Security
In these factors what are the effects of the both HTML and WordPress? This is the key matter of this discussion. Have a look. i. SEO: - Among the both, WordPress is quite ahead of HTML regarding SEO. Google always prefers new and fresh content. So, if you deserve to get more view and traffics to your site you need regular optimization. WordPress was built in such a way that it could easily integrate SEO. In HTML you can also edit and optimize the site, but you have to know all the SEO elements along with more time to implement them one by one. So, in this concern WordPress is far better than HTML. ii. Updates: - For regular updates WordPress is also better. WordPress is an open sourcing platform that allows to use different programming languages like HTML, PHP, My SQL and this is the reason that word press is more user friendly. A person who has least knowledge of programming, van easily operates this. WordPress has the capacity to update automatically without any interruption. iii. Bandwidth: - If you deserve for high bandwidth, you have to choose word press. It is a big one with lot of spaces that means it has more capacity to carry more bandwidth. As simple HTML sites have less space, you have to decide which one you should choose HTML or WordPress.

iv. Plug-ins: - As WordPress is used widely, new plug-ins are created and added automatically on a daily basis. Plug-ins is generally used to add social media, SEO, security measures and many more. In word press with the effort of fewer clicks you can add plug-ins, but in case of HTML you have structure a lengthy coding with accuracy. So, in this concern WordPress is far better with advanced measures. v. Security: - Finally it comes for security and in this concern HTML is takes the advantage. Hackers are present everywhere around the world and it is truly hard to hack a site which is built on HTML coding. In case of you have to assured that you have installed the security plug-ins. So these are all about the both. Now you may choose easier and effective one applicable to you. Moreover WordPress is widely used for its flexibility and the variations of plug-ins. Choose yours and leave responses.

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