Which is more Essential: - On Page SEO or Off Page SEO

Most of the people are still confused to distinguish between On page SEO and Off page SEO. Many questions I have faced and I started researching these two factors. I think that the discussion will help throw light on the debate. To build a successful site or brand, both are very important. To be at the top of the search results, you have to operate off page optimization and to sustain there for a long time you need on page optimization. So, this discussion is to make understand the people who are willing to choose one of both. These two optimization processes go hand in hand and thus both are important.

  • On Page Optimization
As I said earlier to sustain at the top you have to operate On page SEO. There are several factors to rank well instantly on SERP. Look at the following:-
  1. Optimization of title, Meta keywords and descriptions.
  2. Keyword research.
  3. Keyword density.
  4. Internal link building.
  5. External link building.
  6. Separate text files for images.
These strategies should have to be implemented in a better way to sustain a better rank for a long time.  On page SEO is generally operated first to understand the requirements of Off page SEO. On page SEO contains sites internal features and informative page contents..
  •  Off Page optimization
Off page outside is operated out of the site to add turbo to On page optimization. Many sites have stood better on ranking except following the on page optimization strategy. This is because the site owners have better optimized the off page strategies. They don’t think about head tags or URL structure. Here are some strategies of Off page optimization.
  1. Blog and Forum commenting.
  2.  Article marketing.
  3. Social Media.
  4. Directory listing.
  5. Bookmarking.
  6. Creation of back links.
  7. Press release.
Why off page optimization is more necessary than On page optimization? Google determines the expansion and back links to consider you a worthy one. The process is maintained by an algorithm. So, there is no other way. Only page optimization cannot place you at the top, off page SEO is also necessary. Whenever you find a top search result, analyze that and there will be many back links that place it at the top. Conclusion: - So you can understand the necessity of both. To distinguish between both and to choose one of them will be a job like a foolish. You must optimize both to have a better and sustainable position on SERP. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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