Which One Is Yours - Woocommerce or Magento?

With the spinning and changing technology there are lots of new choices which can be more resourceful for you. In the world of e-commerce, at present a strong controversial matter has approached. Now for a product the easier source is e-commerce. For increasing popularity there comes a number of e-commerce platforms have arrived. These two among them is most popular and comparatively cheaper. But which is the better one, Magento or Woocommerce? These two names are related to open source frameworks which allow implementation of e-commerce websites. To have a better idea and also to choose your matched one for your business, here is the need of a brief study about the both:- i. Woocommerce : Woocommerce is preferable to small business firms and in a quite easy and straightforward process which will be affordable in low budget. The Ad-ons are cheaper and it specially wordpress plug-ins along with a great support of network. It also offers a better SEO process. The bulk product entries will be quite hard for Woocommerce. ii. Magento : Magneto has been specially designed for the medium and the large scale stores. Its operating process is of high level and it can easily handle uncountable product detail. Its maintenance cost is quite high and also deserves expert developers. Woocommerce versus Magento : Though there are several similarities between Magento and Woocommerce like both are open source store and are founded on free business model, these two can be judged on the basis of several aspects. i. Hosting server details: In this aspect we can differentiate these two and the major issue is compatibility. Magento is basically a resource keen system. This framework can be operated on any modem shared hosting, but in this regard you need a lot of server resources whenever the users start trafficking. On the other hand Woocommerce uses wordpress and so it needs the requirements as wordpress needs. There is no need of a powerful server even you have some uncountable stores and topics. ii. User friendly manners : Woocommerce is widely user friendly and this framework will be perfect for the new business owners. Whereas Magento has some bulk features which are specially designed to tackle the records of heavy ups and downs of the products. iii. Set up wizard : Installing of Woocommerce is quite easy and straight forward and it does not need any special configuration while installing. Beside this Magneto has its own install shield wizard and while installing if there is any kind of error, the user will be warned. iv. Landing page tool : Using Woocommerce one can create custom designed landing pages using themes and animation whereas Magneto operates the same by using CSV file. v. Customer service and customer accounts : In case of editing or launching of products both platforms provide a unique admin panel through which the users can operate the same. By using this panel one can check the records and edit them. But in case of user accounts Magneto has a better accessibility and functionality between the both. Woocommerce does not allow the users to submit product tags. Conclusion : Finally, if Woocommerce is compared to a small delivery van, Magento will be a fully loaded cargo which has to be operated with great care and expertise. Woocommerce is cheaper and easy to maintain and especially framed for the small scale businesses. Whereas Magneto is providing a little bit more and it should be used by the small as well large scale businesses as a common point of different store products.

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