Will the Launch of On Star’s 4GLTE Retain Subscribers?

Recently GM has announced to launch LTE or long-term evolution that can be better defined as 4G LTE. It is actually a standard of high-speed wireless communication. Most of the car manufacturing companies are introducing advanced features of connectivity within the car. These will enhance in vehicle security, hands free calling, improved diagnostics system maintenance alert and also driver’s judgment for better and improved driving. Through this more advanced annexation GM motor will fulfill the user’s grievances with better satisfaction. Every year On Star corporation, a subsidy of General Motors, engaged in providing in- vehicle communication system, receives uncountable request from the users through At Your service for the addition of new technologies related to mobile applications and upgraded directions. So, now, after the announcement it can be desired that the in-vehicle connectivity and service may experience some changes and the same will the SEO process. The several linked companies like RetailMeNot, Entertainment Book and Parkopedia will provide the guidance to the subscribers. So, this optimization may be a crush for the local businesses related to the same field and they have to make extra effort to compete the SEO of GM. On Star advisors will work as an intermediary between the drivers’ i.e. the subscribers and the respective merchants. More clearly whenever a car user is seeking any kind of assistance, On Star will connect him/her to the merchant making an applicable deal. The optimization of On Star will also provide you from online hotel booking to the information like proper parking space within the country and the rest. In this respect the collaborator, Priceline.com will help On Star by providing better hotel location according to the preferences made by the subscribers. At present these services of On Star is available in around 30 models of GM and it will also enhance and optimize the local search. Most demanding matter is that you can subscribe On Star in your affordable price without spending money on separate internet connection or Wi Fi. There is a strong possibility of implementing On Star, in other car-connecting companies like Apple and Google. In addition to all of these GM has a strong wish that the newly launched 4G LTE will attract and retain On Star subscribers. At the beginning you chose the subscription at 20$ a month. So, this can definitely be defined as an optimization process which will crush the other car makers for a certain period.

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