Yahoo Losses Market Share after Returning of Some Firefox Users to Google

According to the report of comScore Yahoo has lost its gain that has been acquired since November 2014 as some of the users have returned to Google from Firefox default search. There are certain operations made by Goggle for the past few months to catch the users’ attention from Firefox. The aggressiveness of Google has made these changes. According to comScore report the amount is not much but around 10 percent of all. Not only Google, but Bing has also attracted some of the users. That is the reason that Yahoo has lost its market share in between January and February. From December to January Yahoo has gained around 1.2 percent of all and now has returned 0.2 percent of that. It depends upon the next future how much the turnout will stand. The stat has been considered on the basis of desktop search where Google is strong enough. The mobile search may announce a different result.

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