Zebra Techies Solution’s CSR Program Feed Me Campaign Making a Difference

Zebra Techies Solution’s CSR Program Feed Me Campaign Making a Difference

Zebra Techies Solution organized their CSR program - Feed Me Campaign - this year too on March 6, 2022, in a remote village 46km away from Kolkata. As part of their whole-day event, over 600 children and their families were invited. They donated clothes, blankets, and study materials to the children, distributed 175+ grocery packages to the most needy families, and they organized a sit-in lunch for everyone. 

For all those starving, deprived, and dirt poor little children and their families, the day was like a stroke of luck. For Zebra Techies Solution, that means making it a reality. 

Zebra Techies Solution, an IT Services Company, is committed to promoting societal equality, education, and streamlining the elimination of starvation like a responsible company that understands its purpose is much bigger than just doing business. The company embeds the idea of "doing good" into its business model and inspires its high-spirited employees to embrace and prioritize its annual CSR program - Feed Me Campaign, sincerely. 

"The new generation respects companies that adhere to three core values: people, planet and profits," said Mr. Anirban Das, the MD of the company. “Following the COVID crisis, revenue from our corporate side has decreased. However, the company remains committed to investing increased profits into our charitable program - Feed Me Campaign."

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