25 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing in 2016


Going out to a new place? You must have then checked the place online. It is more than common these days. Suppose you are planning for dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been there. Most likely, you’ll check its customer feedback, etc. 80% people according to Google rely more on the web to find and choose local businesses. This is why a business has to be visible on web searches.

How would you make sure customers find you and select your local business? You have to mix four digital marketing strategies: search advertising, website, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Tips for search advertising:

  • Identify and follow the rules of Yahoo, Bing, and Google search ads before you run a business campaign. Each of them has varying ads formats.
  • Optimize the URL displayed in your search ad. In doing so, you’re proving it relevant to the product or service you’re promoting.
  • Write some strong CTAs (call-to-action). This will say what you want your customers to do. For example, Get 53% off, etc.
  • Use a tracking number for CTAs to identify and measure which ads perform the best.
  • Use correct punctuation in text ads.
  • Don’t use unknown abbreviations. They may pique the interest of a few searchers, while rest may be unfamiliar with them. Why take chance then?
  • Include target keywords into headlines.

Tips for website:

  • Update website technical areas as per update instructions of search engines
  • Make your website responsive. Mobile-friendly websites are the need of hour
  • Complete your metadata accurately
  • Add a business blog to your website
  • Get geo-targeted keywords incorporated into your site
  • Optimize locally

Tips for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Create and promote sharable post regularly from your website blog-post section
  • Enable share buttons on your site blog
  • Optimize your Google Plus local page. This will help your business promote its phone number, location and even opening hours. They’ll show up on Google Maps and Google’s local search results.
  • Use Yelp platform that is much like G+. Yelp helps feed Apple Maps with local business results.
  • Include geo-specific keywords
  • Post regularly and re purpose them with engaging images, quotes and questions in order to generate additional views, shares and subject relativity.
  • Enable Google Authorship to help business your personal brand.
  • Promote images with your business relevant description.

Tips for social media optimization:

  • Think and review repeatedly your social media post and comment. (Take a screen shot so you can identify your mistakes later).
  • Employees are your brand ambassadors. Get all of them instructed to share service information across social channels.
  • Unless you know origin of trending hashtag, most likely you’ll have social regrets.
  • Share all of your company posts which you may like or not.

While doing these, you aim also to build list of buyers’ personas from various metrics of marketing. Create customer journey maps so you can track their buying behavior. To engage them, market via mobile apps and videos. They will also help your business build its brand.

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