3 Essential Ways to Improve Ranking of a Website


As you ask Google how to improve ranking of your site, 5 tips will promptly be dished out before you. Undeniably, all of them are important ingredients to rank and are like 5 commandments indeed. Every site has got to follow them if to keep ranking on Google.

“Follow these suggestions, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.”

Publish relevant content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. ...

Update your content regularly. ...

Metadata. ...

Have a link-worthy site. ...

Use alt tags.

To the core of marketing, these means are final and overriding no doubt. Along with them and to gear up the marketing speed for a site, there are 5 more powerful white-hat strategies which you can leverage to rank your ecommerce site to the top spots. They are as follows.

  • Guest posts
  • Video marketing
  • Infographics

Guest posting has powerful command over ranking factors until you present in-depth, excellent, relevant blog posts all over and provided your primary focus is about caring your readers’ concerns. Those who target to get backlinks only should remember heads-up of Matt Cutts, who advised you all to not focus on only backlinks. If your posts are worthwhile and doing good enough rounds, they will gain backlinks automatically. Rather than posting 500-worded posts, it is advisable to post those which can meet bare minimum requirements of your readers.

It’s forecasted that Internet videos will be eating away majority of television ads in recent future years. It seems true if you look into the stats.

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Since all started marketing on the web, video marketing has been perceiving a significant demand. So, you too have to focus on it. Upload those events, launches of products, etc. as routine works. They are no doubt influencing, because visitors feel immediate attachment if presentation is good and fulfilling their requirement or else they will detach immediately. Everything gets a decision on an instant basis and that’s why chances of your getting leads or getting your visitors converted into buyers seem to be very high.

Another powerful SEO tool is infographic marketing. You can get a point across quickly and intuitively. That is a reason why infographics are so popular. At the same time, you will very likely get backlinks quickly also. In order to get backlinks, you should play a trick. Embed code. As you’ve done with your infographic creation, you can use a tool like the SeigeMedia Embed Code Generator to build the code. How would these codes be helpful? People who would like your post would be using these embed codes and post your infographic to their own site.

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