3 Tools to Use for Better Content Creation


How many times in a week are you being able to produce engaging and effective contents? The biggest challenge every social and content marketer faces these days is lack of relevant topics to catch at the very first moment. So many so countless number of topics are making the rounds that social and content marketers aren’t being able to cherry-pick the right topic at the right time.

Publishing right and very topical content is the soul of catching limelight. Failing which your contents are likely to lose out into the torrential current of competition, because same topic contents will already have been there asking your attention. This doesn’t mean a second-row-sitting contents would always be on their same rows. With effective research and marketing, they could also be able to push the envelope.

Are these views blinding your science? If it is, let’s put on our thinking cap to clear doubts about these views.

Second-row-sitting contents can also surface on the first rank against searches. For it, you’ve to use some tools which can help you create more, better and more efficient content.

Content Marketing

Tools to help you find content topics for you. Use your keywords to find topics. Knowledge of relevant keywords you should target is always great. However, presently, keywords cannot deliver your goals as far as SEO is concerned. So, what is all about? It is topic. Now, you’ll ask how to discover relevant topic, right? As you do a research across, you’ll get by many of them. Nuvi (www.Nuvi.com) can help you in this regard. It allows you to use the keywords you are using to find topics for your content. Exploring them, you may find the most shared relevant content, trending concepts, trending categories, trending positive terms, trending negative terms and emotional categories. By accessing to Facebook and Twitter’s fire hose, it gathers data in one place. Nuvi also lets you easily export numerous topics around your keywords. Once you have topics, you can filter them to find a few potential topics for your content.

Topic Relevancy: With topics in your hand, now use a tool like Buzzsumo. Using it will enable you to test the relevancy of your topic, allow you to search by topic, date range, shares, article type and even kind of content.

Search each of the topics which you are picking out of your content. Filter the relevant content by shares, backlinks and views. Consider the viewership persons and who shared them. Once you know who shared the content, you can export that information also. Save it for your future use when you will create your content.

What is the logic behind keeping this list of sharers? It is because you can reach out and get quotes from some of the more influential people on the list for you own content. It will also ensure those persons would likely share your content when it is published. This way, you will be able to build a relationship between you and the influencer.

Use Hubspot blog topic generator. Despite being basic, Hubspot has proven to be effective tool. Just put some basic keywords from your niche. Blog Topic Generator (www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator) will return with 5 ideas for topics or rather with a few kinds of article headlines.

As times goes by, you will get to see many more tools evolving out of needs and topicalities. All of them available out there are good and they must be useful to some points. What they can do is no more difficult science to you. However, they cannot create engaging and effective contents for you. Nor can they add the personality. By using these contents, you can tell what you should, portray what you should, and use headlines what you should. After all, machines are data driven, but you’ve to put across those data.

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