Another Ranking Factor in Google Search Algorithm - Mobile Suitability and Apps Indexing

Now, it is very important to check your site’s mobile friendliness as the factor has been included in the search algorithm for ranking. According to Google’s latest announcement there will be two remarkable changes in the ranking factor. The first one is Mobile friendliness for better ranking in mobile search and indexation of mobile apps for a better ranking. Google has clearly dotted that the changes are not implemented yet, but should be from 21st April, 2015. The time has been allotted for the site owners who have not yet started the operation to modify their sites. It is very clear that a site’s mobile friendliness will determine the higher ranking and users will entertain the most relevant and quality search result. Google has announced that not only better optimization for mobile view, but new and satisfactory applications of the sites will also be indexed as a ranking factor. But the same will be applicable only for the signed-in users who will have installed the apps on their devices.

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