Make Your Website Mobile Search Friendly

Technology has always changed human interactions. Even a few years ago a desktop was the key source of attraction. People used to understand Google as a computer gadget, but now the introduction smart phone has changed the view. Most of the people prefer mobile search than handling a desktop. If anyone gets desired information with less effort by using a mobile search, then what is the need of a desktop? This logic has brought the era of mobile friendly web site. You have launched your website according to a desktop screen, but now it is time to transform it into a mobile screen view. What will be the initial measures? I have prepared this panacea that will clear all the confusions regarding the matter. Have a look Current Statistics of Mobile Search:-
  • According to stats 50% of mobile searchers have operated a mobile purchase in the last six months.
  • 60% of total online purchase is made after mobile search.
  • According to Compuware study, 50% of consumers do not like to transact business with a bad mobile site.
  • This year’s Mobile searches are 25% of the total search.
So, now it is very clear that how mobile search is grabbing the users as well as reducing the craze of desktop search. What is the Difference between Desktop and Mobile SEO? Most of the people have a confusion how the term optimization may vary in different field. It simply means improvement similar to each and every field, but the matter is not like that. Basically mobile sites deserve different SEO standards and that is the reason why it is different from desktop SEO.

In desktop SEO the professional generally stress over keyword and rich content to increase site’s visibility, but in case of mobile site one has to follow the general principle of 250 words or more on a page. Moreover A desktop SEO can operate the mobile SEO handling the basic aspects relevancy, accessibility, marketing, etc, but the same will have to conduct in a different standard. Different Trends of Keyword using and Search Operation:- To make a mobile friendly site, you must have to operate an effective mobile keyword research. Actually there is a little bit difference between desktop and mobile search. The keyword entered by a mobile searcher may vary from the desktop user. Mobile searchers generally use a number of methods like Google Goggles or Voice Search and even they do not operate through mobile browsers. There is also a little bit difference between search operations. The major factor is that a mobile user does not want to scroll. The shorter texts and phrases are always good for mobile sites as the user does not prefer to read lengthy pages on mobiles. Another factor if you are not among the top page results, there will be no positive outcome. That is the reason why your SEO campaigns need to be operated in a different way utilizing click through rates. Moreover, to get more business in the realm of mobile search you have to acquire the leading place. Some valuable measures to launch a mobile friendly site:- As I have told earlier that mobile SEO needs quite different from desktop SEO, it needs special measures and tricks to found. Just has a look on the following:- i.    Mobile search is local search: - Whenever a user is on a mobile search he/she is founding some local references. If you are on the street and looking for a pub, you must in search of a nearby one and not at the other corner of world. So, always try to improve your local SEO as this is the field of completion. ii.    Meta text is indispensable: - In mobile SEO Meta text is necessary to index your content, otherwise it will not be found easily by the engines which will follow poor ranking. Meta text is not supported by Google or Bing and if your content is already indexed, you don’t need Meta texts. iii.    Promotion of your site: - To get more traffic you must submit your site to the mobile portals and directories instead of Google. It is very usual that there will be incoming traffic from Google and other browsers, but a mobile user does not go for Google instead of a popular mobile portal. As the mobile search is basically local search, you must enroll your site to the local business directories. iv.    Develop your site to be used on all devices: - Different mobile user may use different devices to operate mobile search. All of them may not have the advanced technology of smart phone or i-Phone. So, you have to make a site that will support well on all the devices. The mobile version of a site is rendered according to the device capacity. Moreover, your site has to be a fully optimized small screen. v.    Traditional SEO practices are preferable: - Although Mobile SEO is quite different from traditional SEO, the proper implementation can bring higher ranking. Look at the following matters which are important tasks to be optimized.Relevant page titles and keywords
  • Definite page description
  • Link building
  • Proper coding
vi.    Mobile friendly Content: - The desktop pages should have to format for mobile view. The contents must be worthy but shorter. You have to park your home page and mobile only pages at subfolders. After the site architecture this is the major issue how you are going to host your site. You can redirect the mobile pages, but when it comes to changing of desktop URLs you have to use canonical tags to redirect to the desktop pages. vii.    Preview your site: - You have to make regular surveillance how your site looks on mobile device. It is far better not rely upon the search engines to represent your site on mobile. There may be problems in quick trans-coding of the pages. So, you must experience the site and determine what to do for optimization. You can check your site’s performance using Mobiready or W3C mobile validator. viii.    Other supplementary tips :- Do not block Google-bot mobile as on the basis of the uses of compact HTML coding, your site will be indexed as a mobile site.In case of image rendering always use percentage rather than pixel.
  • Try to reduce the length of links.
  • Try to implement mobile targeted CSS to enhance mobile friendliness.
  • Minimize the number of click through.
  • Always stress over to transform clicks into touch option as much possible.
  • Always try to enhance the mobile site speed as it is major factor to draw user’s satisfaction. If a user find slow loading he/she may omit your site.
The Desirable Status of Mobile Search in Near Future According to the present status it is evident that there will be high rise in mobile search. So, if you need big business in near future, you have to make your site more suitable and friendly on mobile search. The search engines are always involved to improve the process by experimenting new algorithms. You have to also keep up the efforts to strengthen your rank on mobile search results. These will be the factors for the boom in the world of mobile search:-People need information faster than desktop. A mobile search needs less effort and can be operated any time in a faster process.
  • The advanced mobile technology has installed the GPS as a default program. A mobile search is increasingly popular on location search.
  • The mobile apps are the add ones to increase its popularity. You have to prepare and cooperate with such apps to maintain trends.
Conclusion: - The mobile world is moving fast and the dynamics are attracting more people to be involved with it. Try to implement and maintain an effective SEO that will understand the trend and can operate the measures in an effective manner. Try to follow all these and launch your own site on a mobile screen. Do not forget to leave your responses.

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