Are You Missing Some Common Prospects of Content Optimization?

The following opportunities in the field of content marketing are very much common and if you are not taking them, you must be unaware of those prospects. On the basis of my twelve years experience I have managed this article how you can optimize your content in a better way. 1. Poor Meta Descriptions

Meta description is the source of information that is generally placed as snippet on SERP. So, you have put less information or something irrelevant, the user will be confused. The page title will show something and the Meta description will show anything else.

Just look at the above SERP result. Ted Cruz has already been announced as the President, but according to the Meta description he is still engaged in the senate campaign. It means the Meta description has not been updated still. So, to place accurate information and satisfy the users, it is important to maintain Meta description’s accuracy. Otherwise, your content will not be checked by the users.

2. Poor or Duplicate Page Titles

Still now, there are some webmasters who do not think about title tags, but why this is the first impression of a respective page. The 60 characters are the meeting place of the users.

Another thing is keyword stuffing. Some of the marketers think that using of keywords in title tag will bring much visibility. Though the fact is true, but the usage should be made properly in a meaningful way.

3. No Structured Markup

Structured markup is very much important to display rich snippets. It is very simple if you cannot make a strong impression, users will not be attracted. There are many online tools that will help you out rich snippets and you may go with Google’s data highlighter tool.

If it is possible, do not forget to use structured data to highlight your code. In content management system the task will be easier to use templates.

4. Poor Surveillance of Site Links

Site links are additional information to the users displaying more and more information. It is very true that snippets are managed by Google, but do not forget to check them which pages are being displayed on SERP.

Site Links

It will be better to use Google’s search console to check the site link errors and activities made by the search engine.

5. Lost Analytics Tracking

Beside my article and other bloggers, analytics or webmaster tools can be your best friend for such optimization. These sections will show you who comes and leaves. According to some webmasters there are too many errors while SEO audit in analytics, but you can get an overall report of such traffic details.

6. Missing of XML Sitemap

XML sitemap always help you indexing your publication quite faster than it is done manually. For several years I have been checking the same and it is like the indicator that help Google inform about your content.

The most popular plug-in to create XML sitemaps is Yoast SEO plug-in for Wordpress.

7. Superfluous Coding

Additional codes always create burdens and make slow the pages. So, if you have used any superfluous codes, just make them out. It will help increasing page loading speed.

To check the changes made you may go with Google page-speed insight tool.

In this concern you have to be informed that Google’s tool will not specify the overload or specific codes important for your page. You may go with Ghostery Plug-in and it will get all the tracking codes of a page.

Conclusion: - So, these are all about the best content optimization to gain more conversion. Do you think all these have value? Do not forget to place your valuable comments.

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