Designing an E-Commerce Site- Developers’ Druthers


Designing an e-commerce site differs from designing web pages of a non-ecommerce site. First of anything important for such a site is its look-and-feel. It has to be so nice that it can competently attract visitors and treat them with equal importance.

In order to ensure fulfilment of this basic requirement, knowledge of using the right tools should be your prerogative, so not only you can secure their purchases but also their membership and brand loyalty. Once a store gets all these ammo, it will be receiving buyers as repeat sales, giving your business impetus to grow and expand.

Ecommerce Site

Here are a few features every ecommerce site has to follow.

As said, an ecommerce site has to have a nice look-and-feel scape in its first place. User-friendliness and easy navigability are two other pre-conditions for a successful store. Besides, there are more to be followed, and if they’re ignore, the store is likely to be unsuccessful.

  • Faster load-time
  • FAQ Section
  • Mobile compatibility / Responsive
  • Customer Reviews Section
  • Easy and Secure Checkout

Faster load-time: Page speed of a store should be at its best level. Check page speed of your store pages with having them measured on various page speed tools. Make sure that your pages don’t take a load-time of more than 3 seconds on average lest you should want to lose your potential buyers, plus the ranking in search engine results pages.

FAQ Section: Smart customers always have a sneak peek into FAQ page, because they come to know of many answers to their queries and concerns. FAQ page does also let them know product features, product return options, payment methods and more. This page provides great customer support with regards to addressing product and service related issues.

Mobile Compatibility / Responsive Design: You must have heard of Mobilegeddon. Google wants each store has to be Mobile platforms compatible so mobile shopping experience is nicely cared for.

Customer Reviews Section: Ensure that your store includes a customer review page. Allow customers to add their shopping experience, no matter they’re positive or negative in tone. It will help customers know useful information regarding your business deal.

Easy and Secure Checkout: Tortuous checkout process ruins what you might call otherwise a pleasant shopping experience for your customers. A tortuous and intricate checkout process tends to result in cart abandonment and less repeat sales. Keep it simple, straightforward and secure.

Providing your customers a pleasant shopping experience is a challenge. More so involves a lot of perpetual hard work to keep it providing. This is why if your budget allows, make a go for custom Magento development service, which will certainly fulfill your online business expectations.


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