Google “Mobilegeddon” has been Officially Launched

Mobile friendliness has got more stress after the arrival of “mobilegeddon”. There was another announcement of the algorithm update was made in earlier February and quite dramatically the operations have been started fast. It is not the new one and this ranking factor has been launched earlier. This is only another update. According to Google this new algorithm update will not target the entire site, but only the individual pages that are not enough for the mobile users. According to a stat of ComScore there is a rise of 10% users of Smart phone and Tablets that was 60% of the total digital media estimated in the previous year. Moreover, this new algorithm update will promote and favor the sites having better text and easy clickable items on the tiny screen. It has been predicted that the smaller and the larger firms will be affected the most. The present scenario is stating that. The reasons have been defined by Brandon Prettyman, the famous Internet marketer and designer. Small businesses have less knowledge and assets to make a more mobile compatible site. On the other hand, the larger firms have many websites with diverse functionality and to fix them it will be a tough and irresistible matter. Recently this result have been found after analyzing some reputed companies like American Apparel, Nintendo or Versace that they have not mobile friendly sites. While checking the mobile friendliness of the site of Ryanair, the reputed airlines of Europe, it has been found that the internal pages have too small texts and links are not clickable. Another report has been made that Googlebot is blocked by robots.txt file and some of the pages are not discoverable. This has also been experienced with American Apparel as there is no result after searching “best apparel brands in America”.

Marketers have the opinion to recover from the state in a quick manner. Google is highly possessive with mobile search so there is no doubt that more algorithm updates are about to come with new characteristics. If the respective sites have not optimized soon, there will be a great downfall in ranking. The developers program tech lead of Google, Maile Ohye stated in a speech at Miami last month that Three quarter of the total mobile users will abandon a page and 46 percent among them will not return back to a site that is not mobile user friendly. According to Ohye, the new algorithm update is to place the customer first. So, it is very clear that the credit will be for the user-friendly description except the URLs. So, the changes need to be operated fast. Google’s update is always for better business. Since, the search world has been grabbed by the mobile screen; Google is active to manage the same. Now, businesses will not be able to provide the users a bad mobile experience. If so, the business will have least traffic and customers. Google has launched a declaration for the webmasters that they have a little time as the algorithm will take some more time to index the pages of the sites that are not mobile suitable. So, what are thinking? Just check your site is ready for the Google raid or not.

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