Expansion of Your PPC Coverage Network beyond Google and Bing

Expansion of Your PPC Coverage Network beyond Google and Bing

In today’s era, the online platform plays a crucial role in the promotion of a business among the potential customers. Digital marketing is one of the most effective techniques to engage customers and generate leads and sales for the business. Digital marketers often use various optimization techniques to generate traffic into the website of the business. One of the most popular techniques used by the organizations is Pay Per Click (PPC) method. This is a very effective technique of directing potential customers into the website. Optimizers and marketers often prefer opting for this paid method over the organic method to get quick results.

In the network of PPC, Google Adwords is the most important one. The topmost SEO companies in India predominantly use Google Adwords and Bing within the PPC network. Typically Google takes the Lion share of all the resources spent by the businesses for fast and effective optimization of their website. Apart from Google, Bing is another predominant platform that is widely used in PPC network. As per many recent researches, it is found that Bing constitutes almost 31% market share making it essential for the marketers to use this platform within every PPC strategy. Furthermore, Bing offers a wide range of unique opportunities that helps the PPC network to function better.

Very often it has been noticed that the search engines are seemingly acquiring a large share of all kinds of optimization and budget resources. Popular search engines like Google and Bing are the biggest players, which are acquiring a great amount of optimization resources and are ruling the PPC network. The paradigm that there are not much platforms available apart from Google and Bing, makes these two platforms dominating the entire PPC network. Owning to the dominant characteristics of these two platforms, many businesses tend to find additional platforms for expanding the PPC network beyond Google and Bing.

After the coverage of these two platforms, most of the businesses tend to seek additional avenues to supplement their paid efforts for acquiring instant traffic into the website. In order to provide a brief overview of the additional platforms available for the expansion of the PPC network, a short synopsis of the ad network opportunities apart from Google and Bing are mentioned below.

Ad Network Opportunities in Search Engines
  • Yahoo Gemini

Gemini is unquestionably the first choice for PPC network expansion beyond Google and Bing. The interface and bulk upload process of this platform is very noticeable. The market share of Yahoo makes it worth investing in this platform of PPC expansion. The support staff of Gemini is impressively responsive and its import tools allow easy adoption of all account features in contrast to Google Adwords.

  • Net

After Gemini, Ad. Net is another major platform that can be utilized for PPC network expansion. This a network, which readily admits that it is a secondary player but has a track of excelling in niche it has originated. As compared to Yahoo’s Gemini and Bing, ad.net requires much less practical approach for account management. Using this platform, you can easily use target the top keywords, meet KPI goals, etc. The lower demands of account management make this platform very useful for PPC network expansion.

  • 7Search

This is a search network that provides a self-serve platform to the clients seeking for a supplementary avenue beyond Google and Bing to witness a network expansion for PPC. The cost of this platform is the most attractive avenue that makes business turn around this platform seeking to maximize volume and profit.

Ad Network Opportunities in Social Platforms

For many businesses, the integration to social is a natural progression, which can influence and alternate the search-based campaigns. The Social platforms offer distinct targeting methods and strategies that have the capacity to engage visitors to a great extent.


  • Facebook

Most of the businesses, in the recent times, are turning around to Facebook for improving their customer base. Facebook functions like a pivotal platform that has the capacity to engage a potential number of visitors. Facebook is a very useful social platform that helps to acquire the maximum output of the paid efforts.

  • Twitter and Instagram

After Facebook, the predominant forms of social platform are Twitter and Instagram. For ecommerce brands, Instragram can produce relatively contemptible traffic while using the same targeting techniques and strategies. Twitter on the other hand can be very complex for PPC account managers to direct response metrics. Despite of this, performing proper keyword research ahead of time can drastically improve results.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often regarded as the most suited platform for lead generation. The platform offers an unmatched opportunity for PPC account managers in the B2B niche. Unique targeting opportunities like skills, company, job title, and seniority provide audience creation capabilities that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

PPC Network Opportunities in Programmatic

Programmatic is a long trending technique within the digital marketing community. According to the recent research on PPC, almost a quarter of advertisers expect to increase their budget on paid networks. As there are so many supply of vendors and entering the marketplace, we are providing a breakdown of the two of the most primary objectives.

  • Prospecting

In order to instantly increase traffic into the website, many advertisers are now turning to prospecting via programmatic. This platform offers effective functionalities that can be used for the expansion of PPC network, which in turn engage greater number of visitors into the website.

  • Re-targeting

Apart from prospecting, programmatic is mostly used as a retargeting tool. From an ecommerce perspective, it can said that dynamic search ads are extremely valuable for connecting with the past customers using uniquely tailored ads.

Having Google and Bing as the top players in search, there is a wide spectrum of platforms available that can be very effectively used for PPC network expansion.

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