Feed Me CSR A Brain Child of the CEO of ZTS Infotech Private Limited Is Making Noise Again in 2023

Feed Me CSR A Brain Child of the CEO of ZTS Infotech Private Limited Is Making Noise Again in 2023

ZTS Infotech Private Limited, the sister company of Zebra Techies Solution, successfully accomplished Feed Me, in 2023 at Rohanda, Madhyamgram.  This year, we served food to 300+ people, groceries to 100+ families & clothes to 100 women & 150 children while continuing the oath to stand by the underprivileged. 



Kolkata, India, February 10, 2023:  Started in the year 2020, Zebra Techies Solution is whole-heartedly continuing the CSR initiative, Feed Me in 2023 too. We promise to scale up the social campaign every coming year and we have not failed to touch the milestone this year too. It could not have been possible without the tireless effort of the team and undying support from our clients. 1% of the package bought by our clients is directly utilized in this campaign.


Feed Me, an inspirational CSR, initiated by Mr. Anirban Das, the Director of Zebra Techies Solution, in 2020. Starting something so meaningful on a larger scale may sound easier, but takes courage, proper planning, unstoppable teamwork, and dedication to come to life. Feed Me 2023 officially took place on the grounds of the Rohanda on 5th February. The planning started 3 months back with mapping the activities, listing the grocery, health, and food items, and all. 


Vritha vrishtih samudreshu, vritha tripteshu bhojanam |

Vritha danam dhanadhyeshu, vritha dipo divapi cha ||

(English Translation- 

Rain in ocean is waste, food for the already-fed is waste |

Charity to the opulent is waste, and lamp, even in daytime, is waste ||


This famous Sanskrit shloka motivated every team member to soulfully participate in the act of giving to the needy. The program was not limited to giving groceries and clothes and serving food to the underprivileged. In partnership with the local NGO, we arranged games and playful activities for kids and women. Our motto was promoting good health, proper nutrition, sports, education, and hygiene. 


Here are some glances at our successful CSR program-


“Taking inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita, I am driven to prioritize the well-being of the needy. I am grateful for the support of my clients and the dedication of my team, and I am excited to scale up our efforts to a grander level next year.” Words from Mr. Anirban Da, Director of Zebra Techies Solution. 


Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQjxUufUuM4


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